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How do I cancel my subscription?
If you wish to CANCEL your account we will be happy to assist you. If you have signed up for our $39 Yearly Membership or for our $99 Lifetime Membership-there is no need to cancel. You will not be billed again. If you have the $11 - 30 Day Subscription Membership and you wish to cancel-Please read and follow the instructions below. TO CANCEL: Simply EMAIL our Cancellation Department and request a cancellation. WE MUST HAVE COMPLETE AND ACCURATE INFORMATION FROM YOU IN ORDER TO CANCEL. Here's what you are required to send: Your FULL NAME - THE NAME YOU USED TO SIGN UPYour EMAIL ADDRESS -THE EMAIL YOU USED TO SIGN UP WITH *OPTIONAL*Your Membership PROFILE ID # - you will find this on your email receipt (if you can't locate your Profile ID number that is okay- send us all the other information and we'll do our best to help you) Please EMAIL this information and your cancellation request to this EMAIL ADDRESS below: THIS IS AN EMAIL ADDRESS NOT A WEBSITEPLEASE MAKE SURE TO SPELL IT EXACTLY AS YOU SEE IT OR YOUR EMAIL WILL NOT GO THROUGH (You can also COPY & PASTE the above address into your email program as the "To:" address & send it) Our Customer Support Team is ready to assist you. We will email you back with confirmation of cancellation. We will process your request within 3 business days from the time we receive it. *note: you must send your cancellation request a minimum of 4 business days before the rebill date to avoid being charged for your next months subscription.

Updated: May/24th/2011
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