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States Are Experiencing Small Turnover of Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed money has become a major concern for many U.S. States. U.S. state governments are perplexed over the situation, in spite of the aggressive efforts taken up by the states to spread awareness, inform owners and return unclaimed cash to the citizens, the turnover of unclaimed money is smaller than expected.

Various states have launched variety of programs, hunts, campaigns, road runs, etc., to reach out to the owners and return the money; however, the amount of money returned to the owners form a very small part of $32 billion of unclaimed money.

Unclaimed Money Remains Constant

Indiana Attorney General’s office was relived to return $42.2 million dollars of unclaimed cash to its rightful owners in 2009, but it received $44.6 million from unclaimed property of businesses to further bloat the coffers.

Iowa State Deputy Treasurer Karen Austin expected more turn out for claiming unclaimed cash in The Iowa State’s Great Iowa Treasure Hunt in its 27th year; however, the figures are disappointing and she suspects that digital age may result in finding more forgotten property.

Internet and online database are helpful in reaching more numbers of people in less time. At the same time, it is finding out more unclaimed property from various sources. Many such unclaimed properties from small and medium businesses, banks and governments institutes are cropping up everyday. In fiscal year 2008, the Department of Revenue’s Unclaimed Property Section received property worth more than $100 million.

The small turnover experienced by the states has resulted in returning very small unclaimed cash in comparison to $32.877 billion being safeguarded by the state treasurers. The efforts undertaken by the states are proving helpful in doing away with the burden on the state treasurer; however, the unclaimed cash amount is seeing more and more additions each year and thus, kept the pile almost constant over the years.

Search the Database and Claim

Responsible Americans must relive the states of the burden by searching the database for any unclaimed cash in their name and filing claims. Americans can log on to www.cashunclaimed.com from any part of the world and search the database.

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