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Search For Unclaimed Funds Without Risk

The value of every dollar has never been as important as today. With the global recession on a widespread scale and the effects of an economic downfall continuing to plague both consumers and commercial players, people have resorted to squeezing every cent they have in their wallets and pockets to survive such rough times. Sadly, many people still manage to unknowingly leave and abandon a portion of their assets.

Unclaimed money is reported in the U.S. in billion dollar amounts, and continues to increase drastically year after year. In the state of New York alone, close to $10 billion worth of unclaimed assets remain untouched and waiting for their rightful owners. On the other hand, states like Texas and California report abandonment of another $10 billion more or less worth of unclaimed cash and properties. With the staggering money pool in the hands of state government agencies, one may be intrigued if there is even the slightest slice of money they can claim.To help you understand unclaimed funds and how one can claim it, here is a comprehensive guide to the process. Knowing and understanding the fundamentals of unclaimed funds will allow an individual to search for unclaimed funds without putting themselves at risk.


What is an Unclaimed Asset?

Under the U.S. Unclaimed Property Act, fiscal assets are considered unclaimed or abandoned if it remains dormant within a specific period of time, usually around 7 years. Furthermore, an asset is announced unclaimed if all forms of communication is lost with the owner or beneficiary of the asset.


Reasons for Unclaimed Assets

You may be wondering – why do people leave such sizable amounts of assets in the care of government agencies in today’s financially challenging age? Well to be clear, this is not exactly a planned event. Assets are unclaimed and abandoned for several common reasons including unawareness that they are qualified for a financial asset or just forgot that they had it in the first place.

An asset may also go unclaimed in the event that the owner relocates to another state or country without leaving their new mailing address. This disables the state government to reach and contact the owner to notify them of their qualifications to a particular sum of money or property. Any efforts to mail the funds or deeds of a property to the owner will also fail.


How the System Works

It is actually easy and simple to grasp. Your respective employer, life insurance firm, or a government organization holds unclaimed and abandoned assets for you within a set period of years, known as the dormancy period. If the asset is left unclaimed, the holder will surrender custody to an unclaimed property trust fund that is referred to as an escheat. After which, the cash will await rightful owners and claimers.

There are two primary scenarios where an escheat emerges. For the first scenario, it involves the transfer of a property owned by a family member, relative, or friend who has passed away without providing any legitimate paperwork, particularly a will and testament. If there are no heirs to claim the property, the property is claimed to the state as the last feasible resort.

The second scenario where escheat emerges involve unclaimed assets. Different entities like financial organizations, employers, and retail firms often hold cash or property that for any given reason goes unclaimed. In this event, the unclaimed land must be surrendered to the state government agency succeeding the dormancy period.


Tips and Reminders

The search for unclaimed funds can be filled with challenges and risks. It is paramount to know the environment you trek in before actually filing for any claims. One major risk you are exposed to when filing for an unclaimed asset is scams. A tip to keep in mind on how to find unclaimed funds is that you do not have to pay anyone to find or secure your unclaimed assets. Nevertheless, there are an abundance of scam artists online who are trying to do it anyway. Do not fall victim to such traps and schemes that promise to help you in finding and recovering lost cash or property.

Another tip on how to find unclaimed funds is to check your records. Asking for help from search websites like Cash Unclaimed can help you find assets in no time within different states in the U.S.

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