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The Unclaimed Money Experience

During these difficult economic times people are struggling to get enough money to pay their living expenses. In the United States right now there are billions of dollars waiting to be found by the proper owner called unclaimed money. People are surprised every day at what is found in their name.

There are a variety of things a person can do to find unclaimed money that might be owed to them. There are places on the web where a person can conduct a free search. There are also companies who specialize in locating unclaimed assets and charge a percentage of the unclaimed money they find to conduct an unclaimed money search. Since these types of companies don’t get paid unless they find unclaimed money, they will usually search a wide range of sources and are very knowledgeable on where to look. A free unclaimed money search may not be as extensive.

Unclaimed money can come in a variety of different sources. People have received money for such things as forgotten apartment security checks, uncashed overtime checks, forgotten safe deposit boxes as well as lost insurance refunds and more.


In some cases obtaining the funds from a successful unclaimed money search is only a matter of filling out a series of forms. At other times it can be a rather complex experience. It is important to know what is required and be careful to follow the instructions exactly as written. In some cases the forms required can be filled out on the internet or downloaded free from the internet. At other times there is a set of instructions that must be obtained before obtaining the proper forms. It is best to be prepared for some level of bureaucracy.

Savings Bonds
One of the most overlooked assets a person may have are unclaimed savings bonds. The reason is because they can take between 30 and 40 years to mature. It is easy for things to become displaced over decades of time. There have been many cases where people have had relatives purchase savings bonds in their name and not tell them about it.

Tax Refunds
People can receive a tax refund from their local government as well as their state and even the federal government. There are a wide range of reasons people may not receive their refund checks. In some cases people move and don’t put in a forwarding address in time. There are instances where the checks are delivered to the wrong address. People not cashing the check in time as well as many other reasons.

Life Insurance Policies
The death of a family member is a very stressful event. There are some estates that are very complex. A person may not receive insurance proceeds for many different reasons. There are many estates that take a long period of time to settle. During this time people can move, be unaware they are entitled to any money, have a check sent to the incorrect address and more.

During their career most people tend to work for several different companies. It’s not uncommon to only focus on the benefits of current employment. Many people are unaware they worked long enough with a company in the past to be qualify for a pension. Under the law, a person who qualifies can draw a pension from the company no matter how long ago they worked for them.

Forgotten 401(k)
At times people believe when they leave a particular company their 401(k) must also be left behind, and this is just not true. If a company closes down for any reason it can make things very difficult. There are places that can be checked to see the status of a lost or forgotten 401(k) account.


These are just a few of the many ways money can go unclaimed. It is important that people realize it’s worthwhile for them to make an investment of time and money to search for any unclaimed funds that might be owed to them. Many who have were pleasantly surprised.

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