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Increase Wealth: Claim Lost Money

Finding lost money is one way to increase wealth. How to increase wealth is an obvious question in everybody’s mind. All our endeavors throughout the day are not only to earn money but also to create and increase wealth over a period of time. We try different approaches to increase wealth. These include savings, investments and cutting down on expenditure.

A major source that may help us in increasing our wealth often go unnoticed. Most of us are not even aware that it could bring us some money. This source is called as lost money, forgotten money or unclaimed cash.

What is Lost Money?

Almost every American has lost or forgotten money in some form or the other. This lost or forgotten money is lying in the form of inactive bank accounts, unclaimed checks, unremitted deposits, forgotten utility deposits, undelivered dividends, uncashed payroll checks and travelers’ checks, unredeemed money ordered, etc. The list goes as long as we can think of services that involves money.

How Big is the Lost Money?

A small amount of lost cash per person has resulted in huge cache that is currently over $32 billion. State governments in the U.S. are taking various measures to spread awareness among Americans about unclaimed cash, leaving no stone unturned to return the money to its authorized owners.

Everyday hundreds of memos are being sent to the owners of the unclaimed cash. Thousands are coming forward to claim their lost money and forgotten property and becoming rich unexpectedly.

How to Find Lost Money in Your Name?

Initially, it is necessary for you to find out whether there is any lost or unclaimed cash lying on your name. There are various ways to do this. You can directly contact the state treasurer office. Or you can search in the local newspapers in which the list of owners is published, mostly on the weekends. Many states are conducting camps and outreach programs to take the message to the last citizen out there.

However, the easiest way to find out the lost money in your name is to conduct an online search. Various websites like www.cashunclaimed.com facilitate online search from the comforts of your home. You can find out any unclaimed cash in your ancestors’, family members’, relatives’ and even friends’ name.

How Much Are You Likely to Gain?

Getting a few hundred dollars is not very uncommon. Many Americans could get thousands of dollars when they are in the need of the money but had no resources. Many ancestral properties and unclaimed lottery jackpots worth millions have been claimed and they became rich overnight.

Online searches may take a few minutes, but these few minutes can increase your wealth by an unimaginable amounts. Even if the amount is small, it will be a welcome addition to your wealth.

Lost money that you left somewhere down the line is turning out to be a source of cash in the form of unclaimed cash. As a responsible citizen, Americans must come forward, claim their rightful money and reduce the burden from the state treasurer’s coffers.

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