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Find Lost Money with CashUnclaimed

There’s money out there! It’s waiting for many individuals who may not even realize that they are unclaimed money owners. Finding it is simply a matter of going to the right sources.


Millions of Americans are owed money. It comes in many forms, from uncashed checks to entire savings and checking accounts that have never been closed. Wealth may also come in the form of securities or stock dividends, insurance refunds or claims, or even royalties from prior investments. Someone may be owed back alimony or child support payments that for some reason were never claimed, or have coming to them a refund on an overcharged utility bill. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are also heirs to fortunes coming from relatives, friends or business partners. Others may be the beneficiaries of property or personal items. An unclaimed money search may be the only way to discover this hidden wealth.


Money and other forms of wealth go unclaimed for many reasons. The institutions holding them have in some cases simply been unable to reach the rightful owners. Some individuals may have relatives who don’t realize that they are unclaimed money owners. A search for unclaimed money by a qualified service can tap into various government agencies and help bring the bounty to where it belongs.


Past events should be taken into consideration when conducting an unclaimed money search. Individuals often move without informing others, including local businesses and utility companies, of their new addresses. Others may have opened savings accounts for their children, or had one opened for them when they were young. Still others may have forgotten about bank accounts from which interest payments have accrued but were never collected. Some individuals may have outstanding paychecks or be owed pension payments from previous employers. There are numerous other ways through which cash and other forms of wealth have been lost.


Cash Unclaimed is the source to turn to in the search for unclaimed money. Its database features the names of millions of Americans, with more than 300 million potential claims that do not appear on any other private or government website. The unclaimed funds may be dispersed throughout any of the 50 states or among numerous federal agencies and organizations.


It is an information service, and it will therefore not take any of the funds that are found. Instead, it charges a modest fee to help unclaimed money owners find what may be waiting for them. It will provide them with instructions, guides and other resources they will need to complete the search. It also makes available claim forms from most government agencies that can be downloaded from its website.


As part of a free trial search, the website will display the total amount of unclaimed funds that have been reported by the government. The funds will be matched with the name of the searcher, who will then need to conduct further research in order to assure that the person is not someone with whom he or she shares the same name. Those using the paid service will have instant and unlimited access to every record that appears in the database. Unlimited searches offer participants a chance to search for funds that may be owed not only to them but to relatives, friends and business associates.


An optional premium plan is also provided and offers personal assistance throughout the claims process, and an optional claims monitoring program will routinely conduct searches to detect new claims and notify participants if any are found. Three methods of payment are offered, including a subscription plan that is automatically renewed every month.


The service is available to anyone over the age of 18, is a U.S. citizen and has paid income taxes or had a personal account. Additionally, a proper identification will be required to collect any funds that may be available.

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