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A Database Of Unclaimed Money Or A Hoax?

What is unclaimed property? It is any property that has a title attached to it. It may or may not have a positive value. Examples of these are old bank accounts, forgotten investment accounts, inherited property in which the title has been lost, forgotten insurance accounts, un-cashed refund checks from long lost or forgotten accounts, etc. If you change jobs and forget to roll over your IRA, that is unclaimed money. So how do you find all this money?

There is really only one way to find unclaimed property. You access a database that has access to all the unclaimed property in those lost accounts and you perform an unclaimed property search. A database of 300 million claims that is completely searchable is the best way to find unclaimed property. Of course, a searchable database is not fail safe way to find unclaimed property or to perform an unclaimed property search for search strings can easily be wrong. One possible reason that money is considered lost is that the searches do not match what is being searched. Names are spelled wrong, addresses incorrect and account numbers may be transposed. Using a database is a powerful hammer that can break through the lock box, but then you may still need tweezers to continue the dig with a little more care.Therefore, once you think you have found your own unclaimed funds, there is ‘paperwork’ to fill out. These are online forms that you complete so that proof of ownership can be established through a paper trail. There are tutorials or ebooks that can be downloaded to show you how to complete all the digital paperwork necessary for you to submit your claim. The website will provide all this for you. However, the website will not and cannot file the claim for you. That you must do for yourself. It finds the funds but does not extract them for you.

The search engine that culled all these misplaced funds did so from thousands of sources. Those sources include governmental, public and private collections. It did the hard work so the public would have the easier end of the job. The database search engine was built to enable the public to have access to that data to see if they can find unclaimed property and then prove ownership.

If you want to find out whether you have lost money or not, use the database. Or you could consider this whole thing a hoax and nor worth your time. However, if you choose to use it, there are a few requirements you must pass before permission will be granted.
You must be able to prove that you are a US citizen, over 18 years old and live in the United States. Other than that, the database is open for business.

If you choose to go after your funds, you must understand the risks of doing so. Your name and identifying information will be maintained by the database for research purposes. That means using the searches to improve the search algorithm to accelerate the processing of the database. An example of that would be changing the search algorithm to include alternative name searches automatically. Those may be alternative spellings or even nicknames and possible asterisks to include suffixes. The greater the number of searches and the number of hits in those searches, the greater the clarity of knowledge about the database. That enables us to reprogram the database search engine proactively and improve the efficiency of hits. Therefore, you choosing to add your name and information to our database of records could very easily improve the likelihood of your accessing funds meant for you but placed into an unexpected bucket. However, the decision whether to take that risk is entirely yours.

Once you are a member of our database, you can use that database anytime you wish. That becomes your right and privilege. You will also be given access to our 24 hour per day, 7 days per week customer support. This means you have help in your searches from professional in this field who have performed thousands of these searches over 20+ years. That level of experience will make your search very quick.


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