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Cash Unclaimed Affiliate Terms

Welcome to the CashUnclaimed.com Affiliate Agreement ("Agreement"). This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which CashUnclaimed.com makes the CashUnclaimed.com Affiliate Program ("Affiliate Program") available to you. By becoming a CashUnclaimed.com Affiliate and using the Affiliate Program you expressly agree to be bound by and follow all terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. If you do not agree to be bound by this Agreement, your sole recourse is not to participate in the Affiliate Program.

CashUnclaimed.com reserves the right to add, delete and/or modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, at any time and in its sole discretion, by posting a change notice or a new agreement on the CashUnclaimed.com Web Site. In the event of substantive changes to the terms of this Agreement, you may be notified by email. If any modification is unacceptable to you, your only recourse is to terminate this Agreement and your participation in the Affiliate Program. Your continued participation in the Affiliate Program following posting of a change notice or new agreement on the CashUnclaimed.com Web Site will constitute binding acceptance of the changes.

General Rules The CashUnclaimed.com Terms of Service and the CashUnclaimed.com Privacy Policy are incorporated herein by this reference. As an Affiliate you will continue to be bound by the CashUnclaimed.com Terms of Service and the CashUnclaimed.com Privacy Policy. For purposes of clarity, the Affiliate Program is deemed part of the "CashUnclaimed.com Services,". In the event of an inconsistency between this Agreement and the CashUnclaimed.com Terms of Service this Agreement shall supercede any conflict.

Anti-spam and general promotion policy. Under no circumstances use SPAM techniques to promote this website.- Absolutely NO EMAIL SPAM - emails lists MUST be Opt-in - no exceptions.

- Absolutely NO Twitter Spam - use BEST PRACTICES when using twitter to promote.

- Absolutely NO Facebook Spam - same goes here.

- NO SPAM AT ALL in any Social Media, Social Networking, or Social Bookmarking Sites.

- You will include Affiliate Disclaimers, as per the FTC Advertising Guidelines http://www.ftc.gov/os/2009/10/091005endorsementguidesfnnotice.pdf

- Do not send JUNK, or UNQUALIFIED TRAFFIC to the CashUnclaimed.com offer.

- Be transparent and authentic - We will treat your visitors with respect.

- No Negative Ad Campaigns - Negative Pay Per Click and Review Campaigns will Not Be Tolerated.

- You may not purchase CashUnclaimed.com From Your Own Affiliate Link.

- Affiliates must generate a balance of $25 or more before their account is eligible for payment.

Becoming a CashUnclaimed.com Affiliate

Eligibility. CashUnclaimed.com will only knowingly provide the Affiliate Program to parties that can lawfully enter into and form contracts under applicable law.

Opening an Account. To become an Affiliate and have the right to participate in the Affiliate Program, you must enroll in the Affiliate Program by creating an Affiliate account ("Account") with CashUnclaimed.com through its online registration process.

Contact Information. You must provide CashUnclaimed.com with accurate and complete contact and payment information when you open an Account. You must immediately notify CashUnclaimed.com if any of your contact or payment information changes. If you do not provide CashUnclaimed.com with complete, accurate, and updated contact information, you may not be eligible to receive commissions based on your participation in the Affiliate Program.

Account Security. You will be assigned a password if you open an Account. You will be solely and exclusively responsible for keeping your password confidential and all use of your password and Account, including, without limitation, any use by any third party. You must notify CashUnclaimed.com immediately if you believe your password has been or may be obtained or used by any unauthorized person or entity. In addition, you must notify CashUnclaimed.com immediately if you become aware of any other breach or attempted breach of the security of your Account or the CashUnclaimed.com Service. You can change your password at any time from inside your Account.

Your Obligations

You must use the Affiliate Program in a manner that demonstrates common sense and respect for the rights of CashUnclaimed.com and third parties. You must comply with all of the guidelines set forth in this document.

Tracking Links. As a member of the Affiliate Program, CashUnclaimed.com will provide you with Tracking "tagged" link formats ("Tracking Link(s)") to be used in linking to the CashUnclaimed.com Web Site. The Tracking Links will permit tracking, reporting, and commission calculations. You must ensure that each of these links properly utilize the Tracking Link formats. You will only earn commissions on activities occurring on the CashUnclaimed.com Web Site if such activity was originated from properly formatted Tracking Links. CashUnclaimed.com will not be liable to you for any failure by you to use Tracking Links, including to the extent that such failure may result in any reduction of amounts, which may otherwise be paid to you pursuant to this Agreement.

Use of Tracking Links. CashUnclaimed.com will provide you with the Tracking Links and graphical artwork to use in linking to the CashUnclaimed.com Web Site. You must use the Tracking Links in accordance with the terms and conditions in this Agreement and the Affiliate Guidelines.

Customers Purchasing Via the Affiliate Program

Order Processing and Reporting. CashUnclaimed.com will process all product orders placed by customers who follow Tracking Links to the CashUnclaimed.com Web Site ("Customers"). CashUnclaimed.com reserves the right to reject orders that do not comply with any requirements that CashUnclaimed.com has and may periodically establish. CashUnclaimed.com will be responsible for all aspects of order processing and fulfillment. Among other things, CashUnclaimed.com will prepare order forms, process payments and handle customer service. CashUnclaimed.com will track sales made to Customers who purchase products using Tracking Links from your web site to the CashUnclaimed.com Web Site and will make available to you reports summarizing sales activity. CashUnclaimed.com will use commercially reasonable efforts to present accurate information in the reports, but CashUnclaimed.com cannot guarantee the accuracy of the reports.

Customers. Customers who buy products through the Affiliate Program will be deemed to be customers of CashUnclaimed.com. Accordingly, all of the CashUnclaimed.com rules, policies, and operating procedures concerning customer orders, customer service and product sales will apply to those Customers. CashUnclaimed.com may change the CashUnclaimed.com policies and operating procedures at any time. Product prices and availability may vary from time to time, and such price changes may affect products that you already have listed on your web site. CashUnclaimed.com will use commercially reasonable efforts to present accurate information, but CashUnclaimed.com cannot guarantee the availability or price of any particular product.

Advertising Compliance:

Affiliates MAY NOT offer cash back, rewards or incentives.

Affiliates MAY NOT bid on trademark, trademark +, or misspelled keywords for the purpose of PPC on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask etc.).

Affiliates MAY use the approved banners and ad text code found in the affiliate management center.

Affiliates are responsible for ensuring that their tracking code is working properly before sending traffic to our servers. Any modification to the links is the sole responsibility of the affiliate - commissions will not be paid for tracking errors caused by editing, masking or tampering with your links.

Affiliates MAY NOT use cookie stuffing techniques that set the tracking cookie without the user actually clicking on the referral link (for example a 1x1 pixel iframe).

Affiliates MAY NOT copy our website or portions of it and display them on their own site or subdomain.

Affiliates MAY NOT engage in incentivized promotion where you offer cash, bonuses or prizes of any kind in exchange for purchasing CashUnclaimed.com's services.

You shall also be responsible for ensuring that materials posted on your site do not violate or infringe upon any laws, including but not limited to 18 U.S.C. Section 2257, or the rights of any third party (including, for example, copyrights, trademarks, privacy, FTC Policy or other personal or proprietary rights), and ensuring that materials posted on your site are not libelous or otherwise illegal.

Affiliate Commissions and Reporting.

Affiliates are responsible for ensuring that all payee information is up to date in the affiliate system. We are not responsible for lost/stolen payments. The affiliate is responsible for keeping all information up to date including postal and email addresses, name, payment information, tax information or any other personal information that will impact the ability to issue a valid commission payment. Failure to provide current information may result in forfeiture of any commissions due to you. Commissions that are left unclaimed or are returned for invalid or insufficient address information or for other reasons may be forfeited as well.

Affiliates are responsible for making sure they are able to accept payments. Please ensure that your bank or PayPal account can accept payments from US based companies.

CashUnclaimed.com will pay you a commission on qualifying sales originating from Tracking Links on your web site or web space in accordance with the then current Affiliate Terms.

Payment of Commissions.

Tax Information. In order to receive your Commissions you must provide your taxpayer information to CashUnclaimed.com as required by the IRS.

W-9/W-8 Submission: If we do not have the correct withholding form for you, we cannot pay you and you risk forfeiting the right to claim your commissions. Please be sure you have submitted the correct form. Please be sure that the form is completed correctly and signed.?*International Affiliates are responsible for choosing the correct W-8 form.

It is the affiliates responsibility to provide a valid tax form within 90 days of a commission being earned. If the tax form has not been received the commission will be forfeited and no payment will be issued.

Payment Terms. CashUnclaimed.com will pay you Commissions on a monthly basis and Product Commissions will be paid after the refund hold period has expired for each sale in that month. Commissions are paid on or about the 15th of each month.Here's an example of how commissions will be paid: You generate sales in the month of January. Your commission will be paid on or about the 15th of February.

Identifying Yourself As An Affiliate.

You must always portray yourself as having an affiliate relationship with CashUnclaimed.com and never more than that.

Limited Licenses.

CashUnclaimed.com License to You of Logo and Links. CashUnclaimed.com grants you a limited nonexclusive, nontransferable, revocable right to use the graphic images and text provided to you by CashUnclaimed.com, for use on your web site or web space, solely for the purpose of identifying your web site or web space as an Affiliate Program participant and to assist in generating Commissions. In addition, CashUnclaimed.com grants you a limited, nontransferable, nonexclusive, worldwide right to reproduce and use all graphic images and other materials provided to you, solely for the purpose of creating Tracking Links connecting your web site or web space to the CashUnclaimed.com Web Site and promoting the sale of products on the CashUnclaimed.com Web Site. CashUnclaimed.com may revoke your license at any time by giving you written notice. CashUnclaimed.com reserves all of its rights in the graphic images, text, any other images, CashUnclaimed.com trade names and trademarks, and all other intellectual property rights. Any and all rights in and to CashUnclaimed.com's intellectual property shall inure to the benefit of CashUnclaimed.com.


As you are bound by the Terms of Service in using the Affiliate Program, you must indemnify, defend and hold CashUnclaimed.com harmless for any claim arising out of, relating to, or connected with your alleged breach of the Terms of Service in using the Affiliate Program. You must also indemnify, defend, and hold CashUnclaimed.com harmless based on any claim alleging facts that, if true, would constitute a breach of this Agreement. You also agree that covered claims under this indemnity obligation shall include, without limitation (a) any claim that CashUnclaimed.com's use of any images provided via your web site or web space infringes on any trademark, trade name, service mark, copyright, license, intellectual property, or other proprietary right of any third party; and/or (b)any claim related to your web site, including, without limitation, content therein not attributable to CashUnclaimed.com. CashUnclaimed.com may withhold any Commissions that it owes you if you have to indemnify CashUnclaimed.com.

Term and Termination.

Term. The term of this Agreement will begin upon CashUnclaimed.com's acceptance of your Affiliate Program application and will end when terminated by either party.

CashUnclaimed.com Termination. In its sole discretion, with or without notice to you, CashUnclaimed.com may terminate your participation in the Affiliate Program and terminate your Account. If CashUnclaimed.com determines, in its sole discretion, that you are abusing the system, the CashUnclaimed.com Service and/or the CashUnclaimed.com Affiliate Program, CashUnclaimed.com may (without limiting any other rights or remedies available to it) withdraw your participation and withhold any Commissions payable to you.

Your Termination. You may terminate your Account for any reason at any time by notifying CashUnclaimed.com by emailing support@CashUnclaimed.com.com.

Effect of Termination. You can only earn Commissions during the term of the Agreement, and Commissions earned through the date of termination will remain payable only if the related orders are not canceled or returned. CashUnclaimed.com may withhold your final payment for a reasonable time to ensure that the correct amount is paid. Upon the termination of this Agreement for any reason, you will immediately cease use of, and remove from your web site, all links to the CashUnclaimed.com Web Site, product images from the CashUnclaimed.com database, all CashUnclaimed.com trademarks, trade dress and logos, all Tracking Links, and all other materials provided by or on behalf of CashUnclaimed.com to you pursuant hereto or in connection with the Affiliate Program.

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