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North Dakota unclaimed money

Since 1975, the North Dakota Unclaimed Property Division has worked to reunite individuals with misplaced or lost property, which has been abandoned. The division collects these unclaimed funds from banks, insurance companies, hospitals, utilities, retailers, local governments, and other entities. Once a year any business, which operates in the State of North Dakota, is required to check its accounting records for dormant accounts, outstanding checks, credit balances unclaimed securities, etc.

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In case any property or funds is not identified or untraceable to the owner, the business organization turns over the property to Unclaimed Property Division as per the statute. Annual reporting is required whether or not the business has any funds to remit. Once the money is reported to this division, efforts are made to "reunite" the property with its owner in the following ways:
Maintaining a searchable website that can be searched by name and by city.
Advertising once a year in every county newspaper in the State.
Displaying a list of owners at premier North Dakota trade shows, such as the State
Fair in Minot and the Red River Valley Fair in Fargo.
Doing radio and television public service announcements and interviews.
Producing direct mailings to last known address on selected properties.

Over the years, nearly half of the money that has been collected by our office has been returned to owners. North Dakota has consistently been among the top five states in the nation in terms of percent of collections returned to owners. It is the state's goal to hand over the North Dakota unclaimed money or property to the rightful owner or the legal heir. All citizens of North Dakota benefit from property that remains unclaimed, since the interest earned on this money is used to help fund public schools (grades K-12) throughout the state. Currently, approximately $20 million of unclaimed property is held in Trust.

North Dakota has unclaimed property laws which declare money, property, and other assets to be abandoned after a period of inactivity of three to five years. According to the Unclaimed Property Act of North Dakota, the unclaimed property is held until it could be handed over to the rightful owners. Please try using various combinations of your name in order to search for unclaimed money. Also bear in mind that there may be assets in your maiden name. Each year billions of dollars in dormant or lost accounts. There is an alphabetical list of people whose last known address was in North Dakota and who are due to receive money for unclaimed property for the number of years prescribed by statute. The Unclaimed divisions have held the accounts for more than 2 years. Even if your name is not on the list, you may wish to call the Unclaimed Property Division to check if any funds are being held in your name. It is important to note that accounts held less than 2 years are not available for public inspection.

North Dakota unclaimed money is held in the state treasury office. North Dakota unclaimed property or money could be in the form of funds from a dormant checking and savings accounts, un-cashed money orders, cashiers checks, mineral royalty payments, safe deposit box contents, unused gift certificates, unclaimed insurance benefits, lost cash dividends, stock, found utility deposits, unclaimed security deposits, and court deposits. The owners last recorded state address is always taken into consideration with reference to North Dakota's unclaimed money. North Dakota unclaimed property, which was held by another state or a company, is kept in protective custody if they could not be paid to the rightful owner.

Make sure you check with every state in which you have ever lived (unclaimed property is generally turned over to the state of your last address as reflected in the records of the business holding your found money, stock, etc.). Do not assume that the business has your last known address. If the business holding your property doesn't have a valid address for you, the property is supposed to be sent to the state where the business was incorporated. Many large corporations are from: Delaware, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, California or other areas.

In you cannot find your name while running the search option, you could call or write the state office for a comprehensive North Dakota unclaimed money search.

Unclaimed Property Division
State Land Department
PO Box 5523
Bismarck, ND 58506-5523


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