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How to Find Lost Money

There are several tips that you can use to find lost money. According to the University of Kentucky, $32.8 billion dollars remains unclaimed in the United States. Northeastern University states that $33 billion dollars in 117 million accounts is unclaimed in the United States. The funds are in various types of accounts. The funds may be in abandoned checking and saving accounts. They may also be in mutual funds, property, stocks, and insurance policies. The federal, local, and state governments are holding these funds. There is nothing wrong with trying to find lost money. Find out how this Cashunclaimed.com is helping people locate lost money.

First, if you suspect that you may be owed money, use this site to help you. The process is very easy. Customers will need to use there first and last names when using this service. They will also need an email address. Basically, customers submit all their information online. You might find out that cash or property is listed in your name within the 50 states. This online company has one of the largest data bases of unclaimed money in the world. Perform the lost money search and see what happens. This online service has helped customers recover $800 million dollars. Sign-up for the free trials to learn how the process works.

Next, this is how the trial process is done. After the customer signs-up for the free trial, they perform a name search. The company will show which agencies have their names listed as possible owners or beneficiaries with a stated dollar amount listed. During the trial, customers will receive limited access to this information. You have to get the premium subscription to get more details about a possible claim. When using the service, keep in mind that the funds or property is only listed in your name. You have to do research to confirm that the money belongs to you. Over 5 million people have signed-up for this service.

Then, customers have to claim funds by providing the agencies with the proper identification. In most cases, customers have to provide proof of birth, social security numbers, driver’s licenses, and other information that may be needed. Customers do find lost money. The company is committed to helping members locate the funds by providing additional help. For example, agents are currently helping customers during the investigation by providing documents that help customers file a claim. For about $11 a month, you can search this data base to find out if you may be able to receive funds from various institutions. You have an opportunity to start your lost money search right now.

Finally, there are also different ways to find money at Cashunclaimed.com. You can also type in relatives names and locate money for them. One customer said that, “I used the service and was able to find money fro myself and my mother.” Right now, people are locating lost money in pension plans and retirement plans. Some customers forget about 401k plans and later find them after using this service. Basically, you will be hiring this business to help you search for money, property, and assets in your name. There is also a 100% money back guarantee on the services that are provided on this site. These are some of the tips that will help you find your money.

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