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How To Track Down Lost Money In Arkansas

June 19th, 2013

If you live in Arkansas or you used to live in the state, you may be able to track down Arkansas lost money. Before you pack up the car and start heading into Arkansas, the state’s treasurer wants all current and former residents to know that they can now search for Arkansas lost money using the Internet. Using a simple database, more people are tracking down lost money in Arkansas, thus relieving the state of the unclaimed money burden.


Tracking Arkansas Lost Money – Now Internet Friendly

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft And Losing Money

May 29th, 2013

Identify theft can lead to lost money – this is the message law enforcement would like to send all Americans, especially those who have recently moved. When a person moves, they typically report their change of address to their employer, their bank, and to the government at tax time. If the address isn’t changed, checks can be mailed to the old address. This leaves the checks open to identity theft and lost money at the same time. To prevent lost money from becoming a liability, here are a few things to think about and a few tips to help better manage any lost money that may be owed to you.

Colorado Good Samaritan Returns Lost Money, Could It Be Yours?

April 23rd, 2013

A few months ago, a Colorado good Samaritan found a bag of money on the side of the road and returned it to the small business that lost it. If you’ve ever hoped to find lost money, you don’t need to rely on a good Samaritan. All you have to do is conduct a single online search. The fact is, many small businesses and individuals have millions of dollars being managed by the government in the form of Colorado lost money. If you suspect that you may have money waiting on you, it’s time to claim that rightfully belongs to you.

Get A Better Idea Of What You Should Search For

February 18th, 2013

When a person searches for lost money, what exactly are they searching for? This is the question most people want to know when confronted with the lost money problem. Many people have heard of lost money. They may not know where it comes from, but they’ve probably heard success stories of people finding a hundred here or a thousand there. We’ve all heard those really big fish stories of the person who received a $1M or more inheritance from a long lost relative they didn’t even know they had. While many of are aware that unclaimed money exists, most of us have no idea where it is or how to claim it once we do find it. This is where an Internet search for lost money comes in handy.

How Paying Off A Loan Can Turn Into Lost Money

January 28th, 2013

our loan refund may become lost money, but you won’t even know it unless you put in the work to find out. Every year we Americans nationwide attempt to pay all of our loans off early. Car loans, house loans, loans to start up businesses – these are the loans that keep our economy going. Yet the interest rates on these loans can be sky-high, especially if the person doesn’t have the best credit. In an effort to save money, the Americans that are able to are paying off their loans early, thus eliminating much of the interest charges. What most of these former loan holders don’t realize is that paying off loans early is one of the primary reasons lost money exists. Let’s take a deeper look into this phenomenon to determine if you are one of those lucky former loan holders.

Lost Cash Could Be A Thing Of The Past

January 8th, 2013

If the entire country worked together, we could finally rid treasury coffers of lost cash, this according to officials across the country. The federal and state governments are holding onto billions of dollars in lost cash and the only remedy is public awareness and support. Until more people become aware of and search for lost cash, we may never rid the country of it for good.


The Origins of Lost Cash

The Search For Money Is On!

December 24th, 2012

In the United States today, nearly eight in ten people are owed missing or unclaimed money. This amounts to billions of dollars that are being held in state and federal accounts. There is so much money and treasury officials are already stretched so thin that government officials are pushing a nationwide search for money. This nationwide search is open to all U.S. residents and it’s completely free to join. All you need to do is use your first and last name and you’ll know within seconds if you are a successful participant in this search for money.

How Can Money Become Lost When Investing In Stocks

December 7th, 2012

When people begin investing in the stock market, they always have the best of intentions, regardless of whether they know they should be or not. I believe it is part of human nature to be positive for anything you put your work into, unless they are naturally unmotivated, like some. They want to earn a high return on their investment, get rich, secure their future or whatever else they have in mind.

How Bank Accounts Work And Why They Become Abandoned

November 13th, 2012

It’s pretty likely that most Americans know how many bank accounts they currently have open. Money, especially in this day and age, is incredibly valuable and most people don’t like to lose sight of it for too long. When you have money in a bank account, you know exactly how much is in there and how many accounts you have. However, did you know that there are millions of dollars in lost money in this country and much of it can be attributed to abandoned bank accounts? As strange as it may sound, some people lose track of their bank accounts only to find out years later that they have money coming to them.

Have You Ever Forgotten A Bank Account And Lost Money?

October 4th, 2012

Most people don’t actually lose their money. They hold onto it, watching and keeping track of it every second they get. They keep it secure in their wallets, in their pockets or purses and they even put their money in bank accounts and safety deposit boxes to keep it extra secure. Some people might even go as far as burying it like treasure. Yet even when money is safe in a bank account, it’s still susceptible to getting lost and forgotten about. People really do forget about money in their bank accounts all the time and this money just ends up getting “lost” or unaccounted for. Have you ever misplaced or lost money in this manner? How can you really be sure that you haven’t?

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