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Oklahoma Could Use Unclaimed Cash

June 3rd, 2013

Oklahoma has experienced severe devastation at the hands of mother nature and the damage is said to be in the billions of dollars. The families that lost homes and the businesses that were forced to clean up the mess that was their livelihoods could use donations of any denomination. One great way to donate to the Oklahoma victims is to search for lost or missing money that you may have lost somewhere along the way. If you don’t have enough to give today, search for unclaimed cash in Oklahoma and you may find a little to give tomorrow.


Claim Cash Under Your Name Today!

December 21st, 2012

The United States government – at the state and federal level – is currently holding onto billions of dollars in unclaimed money. If you are looking for a little extra cash this holiday season, you might not have to look too far. It is said that nearly eight in ten people is owed unclaimed money and yet most people don’t even know that this money exists. The money continues to flow into treasury accounts at alarming rates and yet most people don’t even know how to go about claiming cash that may be owed to them. The following from the will teach you how to search and claim cash if you do have any waiting for you.

Why People Are Still Searching For Cash

December 13th, 2012

Have you ever looked for money around your house or around town? Do you watch the sides of the road for discarded bills or coins? Of course not. All the lost money has been found, hasn’t it? Not exactly. Right this moment, state and federal treasury officials are holding onto billions of dollars in unclaimed money. It turns out that searching for cash might be a very lucrative pastime, as long as you search in the right places.


Where To Go Searching for Cash

Check Out This GREAT Success Story!

April 27th, 2012

I just came across this video that is a success story for unclaimed money and CashUnclaimed.com. This woman was able to find money with CashUnclaimed.com, and she was completely unaware!!

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The Real Way To Search For Unclaimed Cash

April 12th, 2012

Every year, millions of dollars of hard earned money is lost to the myriad of governmental agencies. Tens of millions of Americans are owed money from state, local, and federal government agencies for wide range of reasons. The overwhelming majority of people are not even aware they are owed money by their government.

These unclaimed amounts are sitting in wait to be collected. Instead of helping to pay bills, relieve debts, or collecting interest, these funds are sitting unused in wait to be claimed, guarded by bureaucrats and pencil pushers. Unclaimed cash is sitting, waiting to be claimed.Now it is easier than ever to begin an unclaimed cash search online. Free unclaimed cash search online means the money you are owed can be found and claimed in one location, instead of many different websites. By being free, there is no down side to running an unclaimed cash search.

Owners of Unclaimed Cash are Sought by Most State Governments

September 14th, 2011

The problem of unclaimed cash is a threat to the government. This is giving nightmares to the state as well as the federal agencies that have the responsibility to manage these funds. The state unclaimed money is increasing at an alarming rate which has forced the state to use the excess money on welfare activities and betterment of the economy of the state. In order to balance the unclaimed properties lying with them, the states auction the properties to hand over the amount to the rightful owners.

Increasing Finances Through Unclaimed Cash

August 30th, 2011

The journey to financial stability is, nowadays, a roller coaster with more downs than ups. Because of the continuing global recession, many people have found it nearly impossible to keep their personal finances intact. This is especially true for average wage employees and low-income families. Nonetheless, there are ways to increase finances that remain covert and unexplored by many people, one of which is performing a search for unclaimed cash.

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