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What Happens To Unclaimed Lottery Winnings?

July 16th, 2013

When someone wins the lottery, it is up to that person to step forward to claim any and all winnings before the allotted time limit. If the time limit expires and no one announces that they have indeed won the prize, that money will go into the state’s unclaimed money vault. This is where it will sit until someone comes forward to properly claim it. To see if you have unclaimed lottery winnings, you only have to conduct a simple search online using the Cash Unclaimed database. Then you can see if any of those tickets  you ever misplaced or forgot to check actually hit and is now just sitting out there somewhere under your name or lottery ticket information.

There Is Still Unclaimed Lottery Money Waiting To Be Claimed

April 8th, 2013

You would think that lottery winners would be very mindful of their new found winnings. Yet millions of dollars continue to roll in to treasury offices across the country that originate from unclaimed lottery winnings. This unclaimed lottery money hangs in limbo and until the rightful owner comes forward, that money may be deemed lost forever, whereby it will be absorbed by the state most likely. If you want to try your hand at free lottery money, you only need to use your first and last name to play this game of chance.


Unclaimed Lottery Money – So Much to be Claimed, So Little Time

Could YOU Be The Next Millionaire?

February 13th, 2012

Despite what many may think, the concept of unclaimed lottery money does exist. There are currently millions of lottery money that remains unclaimed…Could this belong to you?

Find out with CashUnclaimed.com, your FREE unclaimed lottery money searching database.

Strike it Rich with Unclaimed Money

February 18th, 2011

Many have hit the jackpot by claiming back their unclaimed money. Much to the surprise of everybody, every year thousands of people benefit by way of claiming back their lost money or even lost lottery jackpots. Unclaimed money amounts can vary from hundreds to millions of dollars. In addition, unclaimed lottery winnings are also on the rise and it merits a mention that some hefty jackpots have also been claimed in the last couple of years.

Unclaimed Lottery Jackpot Set to Expire

June 22nd, 2010

Could you possibly have an unclaimed lottery win without your knowledge? Unclaimed lottery jackpots along with unclaimed checks and utility deposits are becoming an area of concern for U.S. authorities who are already struggling to disburse the surmounting unclaimed cash and property laying with the state treasurers.

It is unbelievable that $12 million lottery jackpot can go unclaimed; but it has happened in Barstow, CA. A winner of the jackpot who bought the ticket is yet to come forward to claim his money. This Super Lotto Plus ticket was purchased from the Barstow Station Ice Cream Shoppe and the owner of the Shoppe stands to win $60,000 if the ticket is claimed. A $50 million Lotto jackpot remained unclaimed in Florida. As per the Florida Lotto, nearly $122 million in jackpot prizes went unclaimed and expired since its inception in 1988.

Unclaimed Lottery Winnings of $200,000, remains unclaimed

December 27th, 2008

In the Arizona Powerball Lottery their is a winner of $200000 that has not claimed their winnings.

In Arizona, Lottery winners have up to 180 days to claim their prize.

The largest unclaimed Powerball prize to date is $200,000, and it expires Feb. 9.

After the period to claim a prize expires, 30 percent of the money goes to the state’s court-appointed special-advocate program, which is run by the Arizona Supreme Court. The rest goes back to the Lottery in the form of prizes, said Art Macias, executive director for Arizona Lottery.

In 2008 there was over $1 Billion in unclaimed lottery prize money.

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