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Do You Have Unclaimed IRS Money Available To You?

August 6th, 2013

Every year on April 15th, Americans across the country are supposed to file their tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service. Some people expect to get money back from the IRS in the form of a tax refund; but it’s not uncommon for some of that money to go missing. Tax forms are filled out incorrectly all the time and IRS agents are only human after all. Call it an accounting error on the behalf of the filer or a mistake on the behalf of the IRS; that money still ends up in limbo. And most filers don’t even realize that they have unclaimed IRS money being held in their name. The state Federal Treasury department is responsible for holding your unclaimed IRS money, if that money does indeed exist. If you think there is a chance that the IRS may have held money back from you, you are encouraged to visit Cash Unclaimed, a nationwide database that specializes in helping Americans everywhere recoup the money that’s owed to them.

Arkansas Has Unclaimed IRS Refunds

January 29th, 2013

The state of Arkansas is holding onto millions of dollars in unclaimed IRS refunds and one of those checks could belong to you. This is the message the Arkansas state government would like to extend to all current and former residents. Each year at tax time, the IRS is forced to issue millions of tax refunds to residents across the state. Sometimes these checks end up lost or misplaced and that results in the state holding onto the money until the resident can come forward. If you want to learn how to claim unclaimed IRS refunds in Arkansas, let’s follow the trail of a typical tax refund as it goes from the IRS to the Arkansas Treasury account vault.

Unclaimed Tax Money for ME???

August 3rd, 2012

Did you know, there is over $1 billion money that was left unclaimed from 2008 tax refunds??

Does any of that belong to you? If you did not file in 2008, the chances are high!

In order to find out if any of this unclaimed tax money belongs to you, check out CashUnclaimed.com, the largest unclaimed money database in the world!

Log on to www.cashunclaimed.com today, and you can search it’s large database for free!

$1 Billion in Unclaimed Tax Refunds…

April 13th, 2012

How much of that money belongs to you? There is currently $30 billion or more unclaimed money in America. Almost EVERYONE is owed something. Find out how much you are owed today! Use CashUnclaimed.com, the largest and best unclaimed money database in the world to do your search for free!

Unclaimed IRS Money Reaches Over $1 Billion!

February 27th, 2012

Did you know that you could have unclaimed tax refunds from previous years?? It is likely that you may, if you have not filed in recent years.

The law only allows the IRS to hold on to this money for 3 years, so it’s a good idea to search for your unclaimed IRS money before it expires!

CashUnclaimed.com is the best website to use when making the search! Log on to https://www.cashunclaimed.com today for your free unclaimed tax refund search!

Unclaimed Tax Money?

January 17th, 2012

I’ve been reading some news articles lately, and apparently there is MILLIONS in unclaimed IRS money! Wouldn’t it be nice to get an IRS refund from years back? I know I would love it!

That’s why I search for my unclaimed money with CashUnclaimed.com, the LARGEST and BEST unclaimed money database in the world! If you log on today, they’ll offer you a FREE unclaimed money search!

Find YOUR unclaimed tax refunds today!

Tips for Finding Unclaimed IRS Money

May 5th, 2011

Recently, it was discovered that the internal revenue service (IRS) had a huge pile of unclaimed state money in the form of IRS unclaimed tax money lying in its vaults. The total worth of IRS unclaimed money is estimated to be around $70 million in the form of income tax refunds, and these are now bracketed under unclaimed state money. This figure is the average for a single year and the figure might go up.

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