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How to Claim Lost Property in Indiana

June 9th, 2014

Indiana is bursting at the seams with lost property. Cars, boats, cash, jewelry, comic books and anything else you can imagine keeps washing up on the Treasury’s doorstep. Most of this property is simply left behind. Not discarded, just lost. The person it belongs to simply forgot they owned it. This happens with checks mostly, but it also happens with actual property; land included! To see if you are the rightful owner of some of this loot, go directly to the database that taps into the Indiana Treasury itself – Cash Unclaimed. With a simple search, you could find yourself with a very nice haul. What that haul consists of remains to be seen.

Understanding Unclaimed Property in Indiana

November 14th, 2013

If you have ever considered living or working in Indiana – or if you currently do now – you might want to conduct a search on a nationwide database that is now tapped directly into the Indiana unclaimed property division of the local treasury. If you have ever tried to call the Indiana treasury or you have ever sent a communication in the hopes of finding out more about unclaimed property in Indiana, you will find yourself jumping for joy when you find out that there is now a web-based search option. Yes, no longer do you have to sit on hold for three hours and no longer do you have to wait for return mail that you know is never coming. Now you can simply point your browser to Cash Unclaimed and Indiana unclaimed property could be yours.

Indiana Unclaimed Property And Money Finding Tips

August 9th, 2012

5 years ago you moved from Indiana to Wisconsin and forgot to pass on a forwarding address. There could be Indiana unclaimed money waiting for you. You probably think there’s no way you forgot about money or property you own, but it happens every day. Did you change banks, but didn’t close the account? If you haven’t used a checking or savings account in the last three years, that money is now listed as Indiana unclaimed property.

Did you forget to get your utility deposit back when you moved out of state? Under state law, that security deposit has be surrendered as unclaimed property. You would be amazed at all the unclaimed cash that may be waiting for you. As a U.S. citizen, you might think the federal government will help you find it. Nope! There is no one central agency that tracks unclaimed assets for our government. Think of all the different jobs you’ve held, the different towns and states you’ve lived in, tracking down any unclaimed funds due you will take a lot of time.Or, you can use the tools available at the Cash Unclaimed search database. Interested? Try the “Free Money Search”, it’s easy! Just enter your name and email address, then click “Find Money”. Bingo! There’s $500.00 with Robert Smith’s name on it. Keep in mind, there could be thousands of people with the same name as you! How many “Robert Smiths” do you think there are in this country? If you decide to stop there, tracking down the money and proving you are the right “Robert Smith” will be up to you.

Indiana’s Uses the Internet to Return its Millions in Unclaimed Money

June 6th, 2012

Story link: wishtv.com

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