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How to Claim Lost Property in Indiana

Indiana is bursting at the seams with lost property. Cars, boats, cash, jewelry, comic books and anything else you can imagine keeps washing up on the Treasury’s doorstep. Most of this property is simply left behind. Not discarded, just lost. The person it belongs to simply forgot they owned it. This happens with checks mostly, but it also happens with actual property; land included! To see if you are the rightful owner of some of this loot, go directly to the database that taps into the Indiana Treasury itself – Cash Unclaimed. With a simple search, you could find yourself with a very nice haul. What that haul consists of remains to be seen.


It Doesn’t Take Much to Search For Lost Property

To search for and claim lost property with Cash Unclaimed, all you need is a name and an email address. See, all that property actually belongs to someone, and that someone could be you. Even if you think it’s impossible that you could have lost property in Indiana coming to you, there’s a good chance that you could be very surprised.


Have You Lost Property in Indiana?

Some of the reasons people have lost property in Indiana include:

  • ·Moving: You may have moved out of state entirely, leaving a job, your final paycheck and even an entire bank account behind. It happens all the time.

    • ·Failing to Open Mail: Much of the lost property in Indiana came about because many people don’t open their mail anymore. Everyone’s so used to email and paperless billing that company-branded envelopes often wind up in the trash. The thing is, those branded envelopes may contain lost property in the form of checks that include tax returns, refunds, over-payments and so on.

      • ·Relatives Passing Away: There is a good amount of lost property in Indiana that belonged to people who have since passed away. If you were related to one of those deceased individuals or you know someone who is, you or that person may be able to claim lost property from that person’s estate.

      • These are just a few of the ways lost property finds its way to the state’s treasury. If you suspect that you may have lost property in Indiana coming to you, or even if you are merely curious, try your hand at Cash Unclaimed. With a first and last name, as well as an email address, you’ll find out in an instant if you are able to claim lost property. Again, what you find will have to wait until you actually conduct a search and press submit. Try your search today and see what kind of lost property you have coming to you.

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