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Kansas Unclaimed Money Is Still Being Given Back

September 4th, 2013

Once you lose money it’s gone forever, right? Not necessarily, it turns out. For some lucky Kansas residents, searching for money that was once lost and is now considered unclaimed could end up making this month a very lucky one. Unclaimed money is money that goes missing due to abandonment, computer and human banking errors, oversight and laziness in some cases. In almost all of the cases, the owner of the money is completely unaware that the money is in fact retrievable. Whether the money consists of a bank account a person left behind years ago or the contents of a safe deposit box that has long been forgotten, that money is most certainly retrievable and it can be done so from any home, office or mobile device.

Kentucky Unclaimed Cash

June 6th, 2013

People are clamoring to find unclaimed cash in Kentucky now that word has gotten out about the state’s missing money problem. Right now the state is currently managing untold millions of dollars that belong to the state’s hardworking residents. And so far the state’s treasury hasn’t been able to do much to curb the problem that threatens the state’s economy at its core. Now residents across the state are learning about a new database that promises to help them find unclaimed cash in Kentucky; and treasurers are wiping their brows and breathing a sigh of relief.

Do You Have Lost Cash In Kentucky Lying Around?

April 29th, 2013

Lost cash in Kentucky is becoming a big problem, at least according to the state’s treasurer. Every year the treasury has to locate and manage Kentucky lost cash and every year more and more checks keep flowing in. This makes the problem nearly unmanageable. If you think that you might have lost cash in Kentucky, the treasurer could really use your help.


Kentucky Lost Cash – Even Former Residents Can Search

Kentucky Needs Your Help with Missing Cash

March 18th, 2013

Kentucky is sending out an SOS to all current and former residents who may have money in the state’s unclaimed money account. The state’s Treasury and Department of Revenue are having a heck of time managing the state’s missing cash. This Kentucky missing cash is growing to the tune of millions of dollars per year and until something major happens the problem will keep piling up. What’s this major event that Treasurers are waiting for? They’re mostly waiting for the rightful owners of this Kentucky missing cash to step forward to claim the money as their own. Considering that most people have no idea they have missing cash in Kentucky, you can imagine that this problem is much larger than anyone anticipated.

One Kentucky Town Returned Over $80,000 to Residents!

November 2nd, 2011

The Kentucky State Treasury recently returned over $80,000 to local Kentucky residents. Kentucky currently has around $3 million total in unclaimed money. The recent money returned to the Franklin County residents was a small chuck in the over all unclaimed money pie. This has been one of the largest return amounts in the recent months.

Every state in the U.S. is suffering from high amounts of unclaimed money. Going directly to the state officials is one way to find unclaimed money. However, the fastest and easiest way to find unclaimed money in all 50 states is through Cashunclaimed.com. Cashunclaimed.com has access to BOTH state and federal records, which makes them able to search all states at the same time!

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