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How Money Is Made And Accounted For

March 5th, 2013

When money is printed at the Federal Reserve and then put into circulation, what happens to it? How do you, for example, get your hands on some of that money? If you’re like the average person, you must get a job in order to earn the money you use to pay bills and enjoy life. Your boss pays you out of the company’s profits and the company originally received money to open from a bank loan or possibly an inheritance. Sometimes, business owners may make money via other means before they open other businesses. Now you may see how the money sort of trickles down from the top. Once it’s made, it is then accounted for by you who usually sticks it into a bank account. It’s here that sometimes things get messy.

Tips to Increase Finances

August 14th, 2012

Have you ever wondered how to increase finances with minimal effort and time?

The answer is by searching for unclaimed funds.

Unclaimed funds are property or money that had been left behind and forgotten by the owner. This can be in the form of unclaimed checking or saving accounts, unclaimed life insurance policies, lost or forgotten stock or bonds, or left behind contents of safety deposit boxes, and much more.

Most Americans have some form of unclaimed funds, but they are unaware of its existence. To find out if you have unclaimed funds, use only the best unclaimed money database in the world, CashUnclaimed.com. CashUnclaimed.com is able to search all state and federal databases, allowing the most amount of search results.

There Are New Methods For Finding Unclaimed Money

March 9th, 2012

Unclaimed property is an interesting phenomenon. A lot of the time the people to whom the property belongs don’t even know that they’ve lost it. And if you don’t know that your property remains unclaimed, then are you going to find it? Well, when it comes to finding unclaimed property you need to use the right tools. And for most average people one of the best tools they have available is Cash Unclaimed.

Why Use Cash Unclaimed?

Make Money By Claiming It

July 26th, 2011

You can make money by claiming it. Not many people know that you can claim unclaimed money. In matter of fact there are a lot of people who have made some good money by claiming unclaimed cash. However, if you are like many people, then you probably do not know how to find unclaimed cash.The best way to find out if you have unclaimed money is to search through a database. The best place to go to is www.cashunclaimed.com. This is a website that allows you to search through a very large database, and you can find out if you are entitled to unclaimed cash. You may be surprised at what you find, and you be even be more surprised if you can make money by claiming unclaimed cash.You may wonder why or how you would be eligible to claim unclaimed money. Basically if you have ever held a job, paid taxes or had a bank account, then you may have money that you have forgotten about, and this means that you can make money by claiming unclaimed money. If you have ever quit a job or have been fired from your job, or if you have moved or if you forgot to cash in an old check, then you may have money waiting to be claimed.

Increase Income With Unclaimed Money

February 28th, 2011

Finding unclaimed money has been simplified over the years. Most of the Americans firmly believe that recovering any funds that now lies with either the state or the central government is next to impossible. Nothing can be further from truth. Most of the local, state and federal government agencies are waiting for your inquiry so that you can get back your hard earned money in quick time.

Tips for Successful Money Management

February 22nd, 2011

Unclaimed money can serve as an extra source of income to many peoples’ wallete. Successful money management is not achieved by a magical wand, but rather by a consistent and practical planning. One of the first steps towards this financial freedom is to learn to live within ones means. With life moving in the fast lane and where instant gratification is the norm, most of our expenses are directed towards desires rather than actual needs.


August 4th, 2008

CashUnclaimed.com Provides Helpful Service

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, AUGUST 4, 2008 — As Americans tighten their budgets and the economy shrinks, now is the time for consumers to seek out any missing money they may be eligible to collect. CashUnclaimed, a Web-based service provider, assists individuals looking for unclaimed funds through its easy to use online database.

According to CashUnclaimed representative Nicole Anderson, missing money comes in many forms ranging from un-cashed checks, dividends, securities to forgotten banking accounts.

“The possibilities are endless. We advise our clients to check for missing property on a regular basis,” Anderson said. “There could literally be hundreds if not thousands of dollars waiting to be claimed.

True Importance of Money

July 10th, 2008

Money is an essential commodity that helps you run your life. Exchanging goods for goods is an older practice and without any money, you cannot buy anything you wish. Money has gained its value because people are trying to save wealth for their future needs.

Philosophically speaking, money cannot buy everything but practically money is the basic thing that is used for calculating the status of any person. Money is a good servant but a bad master. You should be fond of money to an extent that you are controlling it. Don’t fall into the evil hands of money.

Would you take a job buy out?

May 22nd, 2006

Recently GM offered some employees a $140,000 package to leave their employ. What would you do with such an offer?

This does make one consider options that you may never have dreamt of or seen before. You work with a well known company. You hear that it needs to cut jobs for its own survival. The opportunity to have $140,000 but no job, does this conjure up lots of questions or dreams?

Tips on making ends meet

April 5th, 2006

If you have more month at the end of your money, then read on to find ways to even these out.

We all know that you must spend less than you earn to make a profit for the month. However, we don’t always follow that concept.

One reason is that we often feel we have to cut something out. This may have the additional view that this cuts into your current lifestyle.

Certainly, you can find some ways of spending less money without changing your entire life style.

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