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Unclaimed Lottery Jackpot Set to Expire

Could you possibly have an unclaimed lottery win without your knowledge? Unclaimed lottery jackpots along with unclaimed checks and utility deposits are becoming an area of concern for U.S. authorities who are already struggling to disburse the surmounting unclaimed cash and property laying with the state treasurers.

It is unbelievable that $12 million lottery jackpot can go unclaimed; but it has happened in Barstow, CA. A winner of the jackpot who bought the ticket is yet to come forward to claim his money. This Super Lotto Plus ticket was purchased from the Barstow Station Ice Cream Shoppe and the owner of the Shoppe stands to win $60,000 if the ticket is claimed. A $50 million Lotto jackpot remained unclaimed in Florida. As per the Florida Lotto, nearly $122 million in jackpot prizes went unclaimed and expired since its inception in 1988.

This is happening with other lottery games as well. The most popular of these lottery games is Mega Millions. Since its inception in May 2002, this $1 lottery game has grown manifold, and so has the number of unclaimed jackpots. In New York, a $31 million prize went unclaimed in 2007. Many other Mega Millions prizes of $250,000 each have also been unclaimed.

According to USA Today, about $570 million in lottery prizes went unclaimed nationally in 2006. This makes nearly 2 percent of total $33 billion awarded.

Promptly Claim your Cash

Americans need to check the lottery results promptly and claim the prizes in time. The likely defaulters are the people who buy lottery tickets out of fun and not believing that they may win one. They often misplace the tickets or never bother to check the results. Checking the lottery ticket results is a meticulous task and tallying each digit and rechecking similar digits can be a turn off. People are likely to miss out checking correct combination of numbers as well in order to prevent an unclaimed lottery jackpot!

Citizens are requested to carefully handle the tickets they buy and inform at least one of their family members about the ticket. Make a note or set a reminder for you to check the result. Do cross check that you have tallied the numbers correctly.

Jackpots Are Not Forever

Lottery jackpots are not to be claimed whenever you like and they are set to expire after a stipulated period. Most of the lottery prizes can be claimed within a period of three to six months depending on the amount. After that period, the prize amount is called unclaimed.

The expired unclaimed amount is added up to the state treasury. Many states are sitting over hoards of unclaimed lottery jackpots and are either utilizing or planning to utilize the unclaimed prizes for various purposes like education and economic development.

Unclaimed cash resulting not only from the lottery jackpots, but also from many other sources like tax refunds, dividends, insurance claims, closed accounts, etc are piling up with the US treasurer. Authorities are requesting American citizens to log on to online search sites like www.cashuncalimed.com to find out whether they own any unclaimed cash. If you have bought a lottery ticket anytime and forgot to check even the results, then here is another chance to get your unclaimed money back.

Unclaimed cash is, unfortunately, not a rariety among most Americans, which most are unaware they have any at all. Luckily, www.cashunclaimed.com is one of the best websites to ue to find out if you have any unclaimed money! Log on to www.cashunclaimed.com today! You might have an unknown lottery jackpot waiting!

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