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Claim Cash Under Your Name Today!

The United States government – at the state and federal level – is currently holding onto billions of dollars in unclaimed money. If you are looking for a little extra cash this holiday season, you might not have to look too far. It is said that nearly eight in ten people is owed unclaimed money and yet most people don’t even know that this money exists. The money continues to flow into treasury accounts at alarming rates and yet most people don’t even know how to go about claiming cash that may be owed to them. The following from the will teach you how to search and claim cash if you do have any waiting for you.


How to Search for Cash

Before you can claim cash, you have to search for it. In the old days, searching for unclaimed money was an arduous process that took way too long to be worth it. Furthermore, you usually had to hire a third-party service that wanted a cut of whatever cash you happened to find. Most people didn’t even bother and this caused the whole unclaimed money problem to become one that isn’t often talked about. Until now.

Right now, with billions of dollars flowing into government accounts, we need to do something to help all citizens who are owed this money claim the cash for themselves. And the process couldn’t be easier.

Simply use your first and last name and the unclaimed money database will search your name and all derivations of your name to see if there is a match. If a match is found, you will see a dollar sign next to your name. You may even find property, such as an entire home or acreages of land.

If you do find property, you will be able to claim cash and property that is owed to you in a few simple steps.


Claim Cash in a Few Steps

When you see a match in the unclaimed money search results, you will see contact information next to it. This is the government agency or corporate institution that is holding onto your unclaimed property. Simply contact them and you will be able to claim cash via check or direct deposit or property by traveling to wherever it’s being held to pick it up.

It is that easy and this means there are zero excuses that people can come up with as to why they aren’t searching for unclaimed property today. Claim cash and make life easier. It’s your money, you might as well search for it.

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