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What is Cashunclaimed.com and Unclaimed Money?

What is Cashunclaimed.com and Unclaimed Money?

Cashunclaimed.com is mentioned often in conversations or news on unclaimed money, but what is cashunclaimed? And what does it have to do with unclaimed money? This is really something that you literally can’t afford to not know!

The answer is simple, Cashunclaimed.com was created to provide people with an ease way to find unclaimed money that is owed to them.

The reason for its creation was the mounting pile of free cash left unclaimed. America had amassed about $30 BILLION in lost cash whose owners could not be located. This money was transferred into the state and other government agencies hands for safe keeping until the rightful owner came forward to claim the money.

Unclaimed money was pouring in from many different sources including: closed bank accounts, forgotten checking accounts and savings accounts, stocks, bonds, dividends, insurance payouts, uncashed paychecks, alimony checks, child support checks, utility deposits and even unused gift cards.

Unfortunately, the states and agencies were doing little to reach out to the owners of this money and the money was, and still is, growing by BILLIONS each year.

States were mailing to the last address on file for the account, which was usually out of date contact information. They were also publishing small notices in newspapers that had very little reach to the people.

Bill McIntosh founded Cashunclaimed.com to get the word out about unclaimed money and allow people an easy way to search for and find their unclaimed money.

When Cashunclaimed was founded there were very few states even had online searches for unclaimed money.

Cashunclaimed.com began putting out articles, emails and press releases to inform the public of the high likelihood they or someone they know is owed some of this missing money.

They also began offering a free search where people can enter their name and see if they are owed lost cash.

This was particularly important because cash unclaimed database has money from all 50 states and federal databases and is one of the largest missing money databases in the world. This means people could now have one place they could go to and find free cash owed to them instead of searching over 60 individual databases.

In recent years states and the media have increased the information out about unclaimed money. The topic has even been featured on NBC, The Today Show and Oprah Winfrey.

Cashunclaimed.com and unclaimed money have come a long was since the websites inception in 2002.

Billions of dollars have been returned to the rightful owners of this lost cash. However, there is an estimated $35 billion+ dollars still owed to Americans all over the country. Some estimates put it at as high as 8 out of every 9 families have someone owed unclaimed money!

Watch the Youtube video: What is Cashunclaimed.com and Unclaimed Money?

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