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We May Not Be In Kansas Anymore But Our Money Could Be

There is a Kansas unclaimed money problem occurring in the state right now and state Treasurer Ron Estes is urging all current and former residents to try and find money in Kansas. This money originates from things like court deposits, dormant checking and savings accounts, insurance benefits, oil and gas royalties, safe deposit box contents, stocks and cash dividends, utility deposits, lost wages as well as many other reasons.

When the Kansas unclaimed money problem hit its peak a few years ago, state Treasury officials were concerned that the influx of money wouldn’t slow down or stop. The problem was exacerbated by the fact that no one is attempting to find money in Kansas via electronic or any other means. Still today with so few people actually conducting a search for the money it leaves it in the same downward spiral as the money continues to build at alarming rates.

What can current and former residents of Kansas actually do? They can help to solve the Kansas unclaimed money problem by searching using their first and last name. This simple search will allow residents to find money in Kansas from any home or office computer, mobile or even a tablet device. The results will be sent back immediately and, if money is indeed found, the person will be able to claim it with a few simple steps.


The Kansas Unclaimed Money Problem – Too Late to Fix?

With so much money coming in and few aware of the unclaimed money search, Estes and his Treasury staff are less than confident that they can solve the Kansas unclaimed money problem this year. However, if more people conduct a search and word starts to spread about the problem and how easy it is to fix, we might see a considerable dent put in all those piles of unclaimed money. This would not only help boost the economy by getting this money back into circulation but will also free up precious time for government employees to place their focus back onto more important issues like further boosting the economy in their area.

Even if you only lived in Kansas for less then a year you might be one of the persons on their unclaimed money list and in turn one of the persons contributing to Kansas’s unclaimed money problem. If you have ever earned a paycheck or done any contract work anywhere in the state of Kansas you could also be on this list. People from Kansas have several different reasons that could land them on this list from anything like an overpayment refund from an old insurance policy to a much larger tax refund directly from the IRS. Maybe you had a 401K with your old employer from Kansas that was never transferred over to your new company. You never really know why money could be coming to you until you take a few minute and stop and actually think about it.

The Kansas unclaimed money problem won’t go away on its own. It’s only going to continue to grow, especially if people don’t try to find money in Kansas, a process that takes mere seconds to complete. Search for money that may belong to you and help Ron Estes and his loyal staff find the rightful owners of all the money being held in the state’s coffers.

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