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There Is Still Cash Unclaimed In New York

Cash Unclaimed is launching a nation and state-wide campaign to urge all current and former residents of New York to search for unclaimed money. The state is currently holding onto millions of dollars in unclaimed funds and that money does not look like it will be going anywhere anytime soon. Until more people, everyone matter of fact, comes forward to search for and find the funds that rightfully belong to them or their loved ones, the money will continue to sit as well as continue to grow.

The fact that the money continues to sit and grow is troubling to State Treasury officials who feel that the money should be released back into the state’s current economy. The Office of the State Controller is the one in charge of the state’s unclaimed money problem. When you search New York names and businesses for any signs of lost money, you are effectively searching the registry of that office. With potentially millions of names on that registry, treasury officials are at a loss as to how to eradicate the problem of cash unclaimed in New York completely.


What Can New York Residents Do?

With some New Yorkers still reeling from Hurricane Sandy and even more more living from paycheck to paycheck, state officials believe that New York would benefit from a mass cash unclaimed search. If more people searched for cash unclaimed in New York, we could put that money back into New York society and economy where residents and small business owners alike will benefit the most.

The ones who find cash unclaimed in their name will be able to afford to do things like being able to catch up on their bills, take a much needed family vacation or even just to make that next purchase you or your family have been dreaming of. State Treasury officials will also be greatly relieved because some of their job will have been done for them freeing their time up to do other tasks on their plate that may have suffered due to all the work required to keep track of and maintain these types of funds. In this exact type of situation, everyone wins!

With thousands, millions and potentially billions of dollars on the line, every current and former New York resident should search New York registries for any sign of their name or business. Regardless of how long ago you lived in New York or even for how long it would benefit not only yourself but the great state of New York as well as their very own treasury office as well. If you do find a sum in your name, you will be able to claim it by contacting the Office of the State Controller’s Office or whoever the specific entity is that is currently holding onto any unclaimed funds.

First you must search for cash unclaimed in New York with a trusted database like this one. Hopefully you find a health sum so you can relieve the State Treasury as well as putting a little more money right back into your pocket at the same time.

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