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New York Unclaimed Money Is On The Rise

It’s not hard to turn on the news or read in the paper that people are finding cash they didn’t know was theirs. While originally I was skeptical, because I watch my money down to the penny, I was really curious if there was money out there for me. I mean, I am a hard working citizen, I pay my taxes and I have had a bank account, some of the criteria for those who could have money laying out there somewhere. This money and come from anywhere or anyone. Any funds that have not been claimed have to be turned into the state to hold as unclaimed funds.

I was doubtful of my green lying around out there, but since the New York unclaimed money success stories have intensified, why not give it a chance. I started at a website called www.CashUnclaimed.com and found it was really easy to use. I just typed in my first and last name and my email address. Instantly, I was transformed into a world I had no clue about, a world where people were holding my money captive. I thought this was too good to be true, but I had really misjudged this, it was better than I thought.

What I didn’t realize is there is billions of dollars just sitting there waiting to be claimed. The unclaimed money in New York alone is overwhelming, what about the rest of the country? All this money is sitting out there just waiting for the rightful owners to step up and claim it. This money can be anything from insurance refund claims, security deposits for rentals, overtime checks that have not been cashed and other refunds. When I realized is that I had money sitting there ready for me to claim it, I had to find out all about it. You have to fill out a claim form and prove that it is you that you are the person who the money is owed too. That is all that needs to be done and a check will be mailed.

I am really uneducated when it comes to the New York unclaimed money system. It is a requirement of any banks or other companies to turn over any unclaimed money to the state to hold for safekeeping. So, what this means is if I have a payroll check I never picked up, or if I have a security deposit I didn’t ever get back, it could be waiting for me. By going to www.CashUnclaimed.com, I was able to find that I did have money listed under my name, and there was no reason I couldn’t claim my funds.

People who have been married or have gone through a name change need to check out all their names. A woman could have something under her maiden name that might be missed if they don’t check all names that have been used. When I checked my name, sure enough, there was money there. I knew finding unclaimed money in New York for me was a long shot, but what did I have to lose.

While it wasn’t thousands, it was a good chunk of money. It appears I had paid a deposit for my utilities back a few years ago. My money was quickly returned to me once I got in touch with the proper authorities where my money was being held. I had forgotten all about that deposit and just assumed I didn’t have anything coming back. I also had a refund that was under $100 for a credit card account that I closed out. If I had two checks being held in my name, think of what you could have waiting for you.

What do you have to lose by going to www.CashUnclaimed.com and seeing if you have any money sitting out there? Check out friends and neighbors names and see if anything is waiting for them. Free money is always a good thing, especially when you didn’t even know it was waiting for you.

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