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Ohio Is Still Trying To Track Down Missing Money

Every year around 200,000 current and former residents contribute to the state of Ohio’s missing money account. Josh Mandel, the State Treasurer of Ohio, is urging residents to track down missing money in Ohio. With over a billion dollars to content with, Mandel is up to his ears in dollar bills that don’t even belong to him. He wants all of the missing money in Ohio to go back to the rightful owners. Until those residents come forward, he may never get his wish.


The Steps to Track Down Missing Money in Ohio

Mandel and his team of associates have the difficult responsibility of attempting to track down the rightful owners of the missing money in Ohio. These residents have often moved from their original locations, which is why the money usually comes up missing in the first place. And therein lies the problem. It’s a constant circle of Ohio missing money. The person moves away, the check gets lost in the mail and the money becomes missing money. If the person never knew the money was intended for them, they may never try to track down missing money in Ohio. When it’s put that way, it’s easy to understand why Mandel and his team are so worried.

The Ohio missing money problem will not just go away on its own and every single year more and more money gets added to the registry. Taking up precious time of our State Treasury Officials that could be spent on solving or taking care of other economic problems and issues. Also taking up accounts that need monitoring that could easily be freed up for accounts that would actually be put to use. At this pace, before we know it, we could be looking at somewhere around two billion dollars or even more than that in missing money. That is exactly the reason why Mandel is urging current and former residents to track down missing money in Ohio. Or any one who has ever come through and even spent a dime there just in case.

Right now it is so easy to conduct an online search using nothing more than your first and last name and or the name of a business that you or your family or friends own to see if you can help to locate some of the billion dollars in Ohio missing money. If you have a more common name them you may have to do a more extensive search to determine weather the rightful owner of the money if yourself or just another individual with the same exact name… from the same exact area. So depending on your name you can see how often an issue like this would come up for let’s say, a guy named Kevin Smith compared to someone named Satyana Breeza.

Mandel has made his decision and is still not giving up. Regardless of the man hours it actually takes, his team will continue to track down and place these funds back with the rightful owners. Even if it takes years to finally track all of these individuals down and even longer to actually place the rightful owners with their own money, they will not stop. So until then, if you use to or ever have before lived in Ohio or if you live there now, it really is the time to conduct a search for missing money in Ohio. You never know how much you might find under yours or even a loved one or family friends name until you give it a try and finally conduct a simple and free initial online search.

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