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Wouldn’t You Like To Know If Florida Missing Funds Exist?

The state of Florida could use an economic boost and according to Florida missing funds managers, that boost could come from the unlikeliest of sources. The Florida state treasury is holding onto billions of dollars in unclaimed or missing funds. This money could come from any number of sources – abandoned bank accounts, unclaimed payroll checks, tax refunds – and unless the owner comes forward, the money will rest in the Treasury, where it is kept and managed. The Florida State Treasurer’s office hopes that more people come forward to search for and claim the Florida missing funds that may belong to them. If more people come forward, the state will get the economic boost it needs and Floridians everywhere will have more cash to spend and save.


Educating the Public

The Treasurer’s office has its hands full with the influx of missing funds accounts on its registry. With the tiny budget the office gets every year and with minimal staff, the department just isn’t prepared to send out notices to the millions of current and former residents who may be owed Florida missing funds. Until those proper owners come forward, the money may sit in limbo forever.


How to Claim Missing Funds in Florida

The Cash Unclaimed blog will help you search for Florida missing funds. The database will check your name against the registries at the state and federal level and you will have an answer within seconds. The process to claim the missing funds will be addressed on the results page, and you will also be able to see which organization is holding your funds, as well as where the money originated from.

At this point you will have to prove who you are in order to claim and collect these funds. It might be as simple as providing your state ID or drivers license. You might even just have to provide and updated address with a current utility bill or a verification through the post office. Evey organization involved that may be holding onto funds under your name could have a different requirement in order to claim and collect these funds but regardless of what they need or request, it should be very simple. I have heard of people having to provide all I mentioned above plus some as well as having to wait for verifications and background checks to clear but these are in the extremely rare cases dealing with up where between hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Florida missing funds do indeed exist and until more individuals come forward, the money will continue to flow in at alarming rates. Florida could use the boost, the residents could use the money and the state Treasurer could use our help. This would not only put money back in the pockets of Florida residents where they could potentially put that money right back into Florida’s economy but also free up the states time. By freeing up time for the State Treasury we are making it easier to tackle the really important outstanding issues of the state and not just monitoring and keeping track of other peoples money.

Search for Florida missing funds today by entering your first and last name. You may find that you have enough in the Treasury to fund that next purchase or your next wild vacation. Take back the money that’s rightfully yours and help Florida get ahead by letting the state know that it’s holding your missing money and you’d kindly like it back.

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