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Learn How to Run a Successful Unclaimed Money Search

Unclaimed funds are often very difficult to collect, unless you know the exact process that is necessary to receive payment. These challenges are eliminated with CashUnclaimed.com, which provides a systematic guide; the guide is in the form of an instructional eBook. The eBook details how to file a successful unclaimed money search, and where to submit the completed forms. When conducting an unclaimed money search, there is no need to go to multiple websites, our database is comprehensive, and it lists information about individuals who may have relocated to another state, without picking up their last paycheck or closing out an existing bank account.

ABC News had a special program about unclaimed funds, in that television special it was revealed that an anonymous Kansas City woman actually received the largest payment of unclaimed assets in US history. Apparently, her relatives had invested money in an unknown company, over the years the company grew in prominence and the initial investment reached $6.1 million dollars. Of course, this type of money is rare. However, according to the Washington Post there is an estimated $32 billion in unclaimed funds. The single biggest mistake that most people make is not taking the time to fill out the claim paperwork.

Each state has money that goes unclaimed every year. The source of these assets include forgotten pensions, savings bonds and paychecks, lost insurance payouts, security deposits, unclaimed safety deposit boxes, abandoned bank accounts and in some cases federal tax refunds. Money that is just gathering interest while waiting on someone to claim it, most people have unclaimed assets sitting in accounts somewhere. The same story reported in the Washington Post also referred to the fact that it is estimated that one in ten Americans have some type of unclaimed assets.

In an effort to reunite individuals with their money they offer a premium service, which searches all US databases at once. Although, no guarantees are made in response to inquiry about lost or unclaimed funds, we have many satisfied customers who provide testimonials regarding their successful unclaimed money search. The problem with performing a general unclaimed money search is that instructions are not included; often there isn’t a frequently answered questions section, and no one person is listed to answer questions directly.

CashUnclaimed.com has a free trial that performs a search of our database for any individual interested in finding out if they have unclaimed assets. The information displayed is unique for the person or persons with that name. To get started users simply enter a first name, last name, email address, and then wait for the results to appear.

Typically, when the name returns results, this means that the individual qualifies, at least initially to apply for the funds, based on the predefined categories. Ask a roomful of people, who can use extra funds and probably every hand in the room will go up. This presents the top reason to conduct an unclaimed money search, even the smallest possibility that there might be some valuable asset out there waiting for the rightful owner. Both large and small assets add value to your existing income and once you have completed the process and conduct a successful unclaimed money search, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the check.

As a premium user, you can go beyond the generic search and receive access to web pages that show specific information about the unclaimed asset such as the amount, the name of the company holding the asset and which forms are required to claim the funds.

There have been numerous stories about unclaimed funds in the news, and currently there is money being held by the US government. This money is available for individuals who are able to present proper documentation verifying their identity. The best part about requesting unclaimed money is that once you are discovered to be the correct owner, the money is processed immediately.

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