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Tips to Finding Money at Cashunclaimed.com

With over $30 billion lying with the state governments as unclaimed funds, and 60% of Americans having money due to them that they don’t know about, searching for lost money that is rightfully yours is something everyone should do. And www.Cashunclaimed.com is one of the best ways to go about it but you have to know how to use it and this article will tell you how.
CA Unclaimed Money Exposed by Cashunclaimed.com is a website that brings all the state unclaimed money databases together. The problem with searching for unclaimed money is that each state has its own database of this money. Searching for money that belongs to you means searching through each state where you think some due to you may be lying unclaimed. Cash Unclaimed brings all the databases to one place to make your search easier.

Here is How to Use CashUnclaimed.com

First Step: Before beginning your search at Cashunclaimed.com collect all the relevant information you can on the unclaimed money you are looking for. The more information you have, the easier the search and he better the chances of finding results that are worth following up. And if you do find money that belongs to you, you will need to prove your entitlement to it before it can be handed over to you. Here too Cashunclaimed.com will be able to guide you on what kinds of documentation and evidence of ownership is required to make a claim for the lost money.

Next Step: Enter your name into the search box and click “Search”

You will be told if you name shows as being owed potential money. If so, you will need to subscribe to the website to gain full access to the database. You will need to sign up and it should cost less than $12 and is well worth the price.

After you are a member you can log in to the site and then you can click on each record that was showed as owed to your name.

What if the name is not exactly like my name?

Some names may be different than your full name. This is because often times unclaimed money is registered under a variation or even typo of someone’s legal name. The fact that Cashunclaimed.com pulls up variations of your common legal name is a good thing and not an error.

Final Step: Review the accounts and records found to see which accounts are truly yours. You can do this by comparing address on records, account type and see if you recall the account, address or company listed on the record.

MOST IMPORTANT PART: If you find money that is owed to you, it is not held by Cashunclaimed.com, the site just shows you the record for easy finding. You will need to claim the money yourself.

How to Get the Lost Money you Found at Cashunclaimed.com: You will need to print a claim form, which you can get on the website, fill it out completely, provide requested proof of identification and mail it in.

Then the lost money will be sent to you!

Cashunclaimed.com offers guidance and can also provides you with expert help in conducting your search. The state databases are huge and each state has its own policy regarding unclaimed money. Also, since the databases are based on records submitted by a variety of companies and agencies who report to the government the unclaimed funds lying with them the records often contain spelling mistakes and incorrect addresses which often create problem when searching for unclaimed money. Cash Unclaimed will use it expertise to over come these problems and increase the chances of your search being successful.

With billions of dollars at stake and millions of Americans entitles to a part of it, making a search for unclaimed money makes a lot of sense. Don’t think that you don’t have money due to you. The reason the money is unclaimed is because people do not realize what is due to them and so never claim it.

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