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Unclaimed Money Is Continuing To Grow

Millions of people in the country have no idea that they have free unclaimed cash or property lying around. Books are made almost every year on how to claim property that legally belongs to you, but people have yet to wrap their heads around the concept of unclaimed money.

Anyone can locate unclaimed property with a little help, and luckily, with the help of a web search, you can do an easy unclaimed money search and find out just how much you have lying around in assets.

Unclaimed money or holding assets is monitored by the government, and each state has prevailing laws, which are put in effect when a person comes into contact with unclaimed property. The property division keeps an eye on these types of funds or property and requires people to go through certain channels once they discover they have property.


Types of unclaimed money

Unclaimed money comes in many types and forms. If, for instance, your uncle or aunt left you something in their will, but you were not around for the reading, then an easy unclaimed money search could show you what you are owed. In a different situation, if you were the beneficiary of a life insurance policy and the insurance company was not able to locate you, then all them money owed to you becomes unclaimed money.

In many cases, checking accounts go for a year with no activity and they fall into unclaimed money by default.


Who qualifies for unclaimed money?

Since the money or property sits there until the beneficiary claims it, anyone over the age of 18 and a legal citizen would be able to claim their assets from insurance companies, banks or any government body.


How to find the property

A free unclaimed money search would be the easiest way to go about it. By giving your name and email address, you are able to go through major databases where information regarding your name is processed and any pending payouts are highlighted. It is a simple process, which takes only a short time, and it could surprise you when you discover you have unclaimed property.

Results are displayed under your full name and different variations of the same. What this means is that the money may not be 100% yours, but it would mean that government agencies have your name listed under property or money. In order to verify the figures, you need to do your own searches, and ensure the information is accurate.

The claim process might be complicated, and for that reason, some people need assistance in pursuing their money. You can get instructions and guides on how smart people pursue their money as billions of dollars in unclaimed money sits in accounts, property, and assets all over the country’s 50 states. Federal agencies are many, and going through all of them individually would take ages. Instead of scouting through all the information contained in organizations and banking institutions, an easy unclaimed money search yields results from over 300 million potential claims.

Family, friends and coworkers could also have unclaimed money and you can use this resource to find assets owed to them and assist them in pursuing it. Buy contacting the institution holding the property or money, you have initiated the claims process and you have all the help you need to finalize the process.

Proof of ID is needed before any organization can write you a check. You must also fill out a claim form, which typically covers these main fields:

Social security number

Passport, ID or Drivers License

Birth Certificate

Marriage certificate

Proof of previous Address


This information is crucial and is used by the organization to ascertain your identity so they can transfer to you what you legally have a right to. It is personal information, and it ensures that no one can claim money from someone else with the same last name.

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