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More on Washington Mutual Pay-Outs of Lost Funds

Washington Mutual, otherwise known as WaMu, filed for bankruptcy back in 2008, but not before the failing bank issued a statement that many of its customers would be issued a lost funds pay-out of $9.8 million. If you had deposits in a WaMu bank, bonds or any other type of account, you are encouraged to search for that money immediately. You don’t have to search the Washington Mutual bankruptcy files and you don’t even need to contact JP Morgan, which purchased WaMu a few years ago. To find Washington Mutual pay-outs that may be owed to you, visit Cash Unclaimed, use your first and last name, and provide an email address to discover the truth to this expensive mystery.

The FDIC Guarantees WaMu Deposits

You might think that Washington Mutual pay-outs would be non-refundable since the bank filed for bankruptcy. Yet the Federal Deposit Insurance Company or FDIC guarantees all deposits up to a certain amount. You will need to search using your name to find out if you have any lost funds coming to you; but even then, you won’t need to search the FDIC, either.

To search for Washington Mutual pay-outs that may be coming to you, visit Cash Unclaimed, which is considered to be one of the largest databases of its kind in existence. Visiting the site, you will be prompted to enter your personal information and you are encouraged to do so. Once you do, and once you hit submit, you will immediately be taken to the results page. If you are owed lost funds from WaMu, you will find out about it right away. You will also be provided with instructions for having the money delivered to you in a matter of days.

Whether you want the money delivered to your house, transferred to your bank account or put into an account of your choosing, Cash Unclaimed will comply. First, you need to take the initial step and search for your name. WaMu, JP Morgan and the FDIC will take care of the rest. Hurry, with untold millions still waiting to be claimed, you only need to act now to finally get paid.

This has been going on for quite a while so I really can’t emphasize how important it is to look into and take advantage of all of the WAMU pay outs that are still going on. Have you heard of this before and have you even thought about your past loan holders to decide if you need to look into this or not? These are some pretty important questions that could be between you and a few thousand dollars. So why not take a few minutes and check it out?

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