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Does Illinois Have A Money Problem?

The Illinois money problem is getting so bad that State Treasurer Dan Rutherford is stepping in to help solve the missing money problem in Illinois. Rutherford announced late last year that the ‘Cash Dash’ missing money program would be renamed ‘I-Cash’. On top of that now it is being revealed that 780,000 names have been added to the list. Can you believe that? They put this program into place to solve this ongoing money problem and ended up finding more people who have missing money out there. I guess like most other situations, it has to get worse before it can get better.

If more people do not become aware of the problem soon, that number could reach into the millions over just the next year. This amounts to billions of dollars that are owed to one in every eight of the current and former Illinois residents. Maybe you should try thinking back and consider whether or not you have contributed to the Illinois missing money problem or not. If you really can’t recall and want to find out if you are one of the lucky ones on the list, simply check a free directory like this one, online.


From Cash Dash to I-Cash

To help solve the missing money problem in Illinois, Rutherford is focusing on education. He wants everyone currently in the state as well as every and all former residents, to know what the Illinois money problem amounts is, who all is on the list and how it can be eradicated.

It is also very important for everyone to further educate themselves on the topic and realize all the avenues that unclaimed cash can come from. This unclaimed money comes from inactive savings and checking accounts, unpaid wages and commissions, stocks and bonds, money orders and bill overpayments, life insurance policies, safe-deposit box contents and so many more reasons it is sometimes hard to keep up.

If you think that you might have contributed to the Illinois money problem at any point in your life, now is your chance to help solve the missing money problem once and for all. On this website we are providing a public database that you can search using your first and last name. You may find that you have a paycheck from long ago or a security deposit that was never returned to you or maybe even something that simply got lost in the mail.

With so much money on the line and with Rutherford adopting new measures to combat the Illinois money problem, we may see a drastic decrease in the amounts being held this year. When you consider that searching only takes a minute you will also come to realize that everyone who searches will be helping to solve the missing money problem in Illinois too. With that being said, every current and former resident should be using their PCs, tablets or mobile devices to search for the money that may have left their possession temporarily, but that still very much belongs to them or even you!

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