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Alabama Lost Funds Continuing To Grow Out Of Hand

Alabama has its share of problems, like most states in the union, but one pressing problem is forcing state treasurers to work overtime. Alabama lost funds are growing quickly out of hand, and treasury officials are trying the ‘kitchen sink’ routine when it comes to dealing with the issue. Extra manpower, throwing extra funds at the problem – so far nothing has seemed to work; that is until a particular online database showed up on the scene. Not affiliated with the treasury, Cash Unclaimed is considered one of the largest databases of its kind in the nation. It will help families all over the state discover lost funds in Alabama with nothing more than the internet and some basic contact information.


What Does Cash Unclaimed Ask For?

If you live in Alabama or you used to live in the state and you would like to discover lost funds in Alabama, point your browser to the Cash Unclaimed database. Here you will be asked to enter in your first and last name, or the full first and last name of a close friend, family member or any other type of loved one who has given you authorization to check this database for funds under their own name. This is actually pretty common for individuals with elderly parents, grandparents or other types of close family members or loved ones as well. The initial search is free and may turn up results that aren’t necessarily yours but actually belonging to others with the same exact or similar name. If anyone shares your same name, you may see their listings along with yours; if you have any Alabama lost funds available. When you start to work through the verification process it will quickly tell you which of those funds under your exact name actually belong to you… especially if you have an incredibly common name like “John Smith”!

The listings will typically include the government or corporate entity that is holding the money in question. For example, if the Alabama lost funds in question are from an old bank account that you abandoned when you moved out of the state, you’ll be able to see the bank’s name and the date the money was issued. You may see this information and you may not. It all depends on the source of the money and the length of time since the money went missing. If the money has already been handed over to a state or government coffer then you may not see the exact details of when it was transferred or sent over. You might not even see the exact details of the original account if this is the case, simply because the information was not fully transferred or required to transfer the service of these funds. If this is the case you should still be able to verify and gather all of this important information in the verification and claiming process.

Since the initial search is free, anyone can attempt to discover lost funds, as long as they have an online connection. That’s right, you can use a lap top, a personal computer or even your mobile phone or tablet device as long as it has a full browser capability. It really is just that easy, and with millions of dollars being managed by the Alabama lost funds department – and with more money flowing in all the time – the Cash Unclaimed database is the perfect way to relocate all that money and eradicate the Alabama lost funds problem once and for all.

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