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Pennsylvania Lost Funds News

Pennsylvania lost funds are once more in the news as the problem continues to grow out of control. State treasurers have been battling the lost funds issue for years, and analysts are hard-pressed to find a solution. With checks and bonds and even bank accounts rolling into the treasury at alarming rates, treasurers are trying everything to curb the influx of money and to bring awareness to the hardworking men and women of Pennsylvania who the money rightfully belongs to. With $1.9 billion unaccounted for, state treasurers would love nothing more than to return all that money and return the unclaimed funds balance to a more respectable and manageable level. If you would like to find lost funds in Pennsylvania and you don’t want to involve the phone or snail mail, you’ll be glad to know that you can use the Internet and you can do it from anywhere and at any time.


Pennsylvania Lost Funds News – Is It Good Or Bad?

This news may not be good for the state, but it’s great for the residents. When you find lost funds in Pennsylvania, you are locating money that actually belongs to you. The $1.9 billion consists of piling up items like old last  or misplaced paychecks, old past due child support payments, forgotten about and abandoned bank accounts, old 401K accounts from a previous employer and even old or small stocks and bonds that may have been forgotten about or misplaced by a profile manager. Even simpler, smaller things like peoples personal items and collections become part of this growing problem like the most common; collectible coins and jewelry, priceless heirlooms and even large pieces of personal property or sometimes even commercial properties as well that all belong to these residents.

In cases with lots of property or personal belongings most of the items will be stored or taken care of until the rightful owner has been tracked down but sometimes they are sold. If the items mentioned above have reached the statue of limitations, which vary per state, the items may be sold off at auction and then the funds sent to a state coffer. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of and service until the rightful owner finally comes along to claim it. It is not the governments responsibility to make sure you keep track of and actually have all of your hard earned money, that’s your job!

The actual problem is that most residents nationwide, who are owed the money have never even heard any Pennsylvania lost funds news, so they have no idea the money even exists. Some may have heard about it briefly and either have no idea how to go about finding or tracking these kinds of funds or properties down or just assume it is some type of scam or trick. Many of them don’t realize that this is a growing problem that almost everyone in the nation has contributed to.

If you are one of those residents who is oblivious to the problem and to your ownership of lost funds, you might still be curious. The good news is that searching for and trying to find lost funds in Pennsylvania is free, as long as you use the Cash Unclaimed database.

Considered one of the largest databases in the world of its kind, Cash Unclaimed helps anyone find and claim lost or missing funds. If you have a couple hundred dollars from an old rental deposit you never received back, you can find that money instantly by searching for your first and last name. And, again, the initial search won’t cost you a dime. Talk about good Pennsylvania lost funds news.

Now that you have heard the news about this lost money, spread it around so that others may be able to find the lost funds that have so far eluded them. And then try to find lost funds in Pennsylvania on your own. With nearly two billion dollars to divvy out, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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