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How To Find Lost Property

Millions of Americans have lost property somewhere in the nation and up until now the process for claiming that property was almost unheard of. With great effort the word is finally getting out about how anyone can search for and find lost property using a home or office computer or even just their mobile device. Thanks to the latest advances in technology’ the efforts of U.S. treasurers and other state officials who have been alarmed at the influx of lost property that continues to flow into their offices year after year, a worldwide database has been established. This will help to facilitate all initial online searches at Cash Unclaimed for free. In some cases there are fees to reclaim the money but this database will not only provide details in how much, why and to recover what as well as giving you even more options on how to actually go about it or even to do it for you.


Lost Property – The Search Is Now Easier

To find lost property using Cash Unclaimed, you simply get online and then go log onto the database’s home page. There you will be asked for your first and last name. This helps the database pinpoint any lost property that may belong to you. If a match is made, you’ll be able to commence the claims process, which is almost as easy as searching for the lost property in question. You can even conduct a search for close family, friends and loved ones alike.


How To Claim Lost Property

When you manage to locate lost property using Cash Unclaimed, you can then start the claims process, which begins with the treasury verifying your name and address. The treasury in your home state has a vested interest in returning the lost property to the rightful owner. If that’s you, the treasury wants to make sure. This will usually involve sending the treasury a copy of your birth certificate, driver’s license, your passport and/or other identifying material. You can usually email or fax this information to speed up the lost property claims process even more.

Once your identity has been verified, the treasury will send you the lost property in question and will probably be thankful to get the property off its books. There are billions of dollars in lost property being managed by state treasury offices all across the country. This property exists in the form of money, baseball card collections, homes, cars, boats and more. You will be doing these treasurers a big favor by conducting your own search for lost property that you may have lost somewhere or sometime along the way.

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