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Track Down And Find Missing Funds Today

Have you ever considered the fact that you might have unclaimed money somewhere waiting for you to come and claim it. If it sounds farfetched or unimaginable, it’s really not. It is actually called missing funds and this money goes missing everyday from people just like you and me. I am sure you, just like everyone else would probably like to know how to find missing funds that may belong or be owed to you.

First let us look into how the money actually went missing. Then we can help you track it down, find and claim any money that may be out there under your or even your loved ones name.

The people that are owed missing funds lose this money in so many various ways. These way vary from some of them leaving their jobs, moving or relocating and failing to cash their final paychecks. Either it was never received, came after they moved away or maybe the check was never even sent to the correct address in the first place. Worst case scenarios have shown that in some of these very rare cases, some of these final paychecks were never even sent out at all.

Others will do the same and move or relocate and will actually forget and fail to collect their refunded portion of the original rental security deposit. If they are the type of people who would forget something like the return on their initial security deposit for their rental then they are probably the same type of people who also forgot the refund on the utility deposit. Remember the utility deposit you have to set up when creating an account and actually getting your utilities turned on to be used?

Some of these individuals are actually owed these missing funds through family members passing away due to inheritances. Sometimes these people do not even realize the are an heir, in anyone’s will or even in some sad cases that their beloved family member has already passed away. Then again, there are these extremely rare cases of inheritances, where they do not even know the actual person that left them as their sole or partial heir. Or that this unknown or long lost person might have just left them with any valuables or sentimental or family heirlooms passed down through generations. You would probably be surprised, even though rare, how often this actually happens.

With so many sources for this missing and unclaimed money to come from, it is easy to see why the problem has gotten so out of control and continues to rise.


Find Missing Funds

It used to be very difficult to search for missing funds. You used to have to pay people to conduct the search for you. You could do the search yourself, but it was exhaustive. You usually had to write or call various government departments, sift through paperwork and all sorts of other tedious jobs that made the entire endeavor not worth the effort.

These days it’s easy to find missing funds. You simply type your first and last name into the text boxes on this page and hit submit. The search will go through the databases of all 50 state treasuries and even some federal treasury accounts to see if you have missing funds available.

If an amount is found, it will be listed next to your name, along with the department that is holding your money. You’ll be able to determine where the original missing funds came from and you can have the money sent to you via check or sometimes it can be directly deposited into your bank account.

Search for missing funds today. You never know what you might find out there. It could turn out to be your very lucky day.

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