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Uncashed Checks Are Not Just A Thing Of The Past

Uncashed checks are a growing problem, but it’s one not often talked about. When a check is issued to and mailed to a person and that person fails to receive it, you may wonder what happens to that money. If no one cashes the check, the money will be sent to the state’s uncashed checks department inside the treasury. There the checks will sit until someone steps forward to claim them. To find out if you have a right to claim uncashed checks that may be addressed to you, log onto the Cash Unclaimed database and insert your first and last name.


A Free and Simple Search for Checks Uncashed

The process for attempting to claim uncashed checks isn’t as complicated as you might think. A nationwide database has been established for helping all uncashed checks owners claim what’s rightfully theirs. The database is called Cash Unclaimed and it uses basic contact information to conduct a free and instant search for checks uncashed.

When you insert your first and last name into the Cash Unclaimed database, you’ll be able to instantly see if your name is attached to any uncashed checks out there. You might find a paycheck from an old job, a social security or child support check, or you may find a check from a relative sent to you on your birthday.

With so many possibilities and with millions of dollars to contend with, it just might pay to search Cash Unclaimed for your old lost checks. If you do find checks uncashed in your name, you will be able to have that money returned to you within a couple of days. Sometimes the funds have already been entered into an electronic account as an easier way to over look and keep track of then an actual physical check. In these cases, most of the time, a direct deposit can be sent out as soon as  you verify any needed information to release these funds.

This process is so fast and easy that most officials are optimistic that citizens everywhere will be able to claim uncashed checks and possibly eradicate the problem in just a few months or years. With the problem growing steadily out of control and with no signs of the trend slowing down, the Cash Unclaimed database with its ability to claim uncashed checks quickly and easily is a welcome and much-needed change.

Try your hand at attempting to claim uncashed checks by searching for free on Cash Unclaimed today.

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