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Finding State Unclaimed Money Has Proven To Be Successful

Did you just remember your old savings or checking account? Perhaps a safety deposit on your last rented apartment or gift certificates you were unable to claim? It is indeed possible to find state unclaimed money. However, the road ahead will not be an easy or simple one, especially for people lacking grasp of the subject matter. By absorbing this guide, you may be able to successfully find and claim your unclaimed assets and cash.
What are Unclaimed Money & Assets?

As the name implies, an unclaimed asset or money is any property or sum of cash that has been unintentionally abandoned by the owner. Finding state unclaimed money is a process you will have to undertake by yourself since the federal government is not responsible for doing so. At present, there is no U.S. agency or institution that can help you recoup unclaimed money or assets.

According to the United States Treasury Department, each separate federal institution maintains its individual accounts and would require to research and launch that information on a case-to-case basis, meaning they do not take action unless a claim has been filed by an eligible party. Each state manages the reports and collections of unclaimed assets and every estate has its own regulations and strategies for recouping unclaimed assets.
Types of Unclaimed Money & Assets

Common forms of unclaimed assets include, but are not limited to, utility deposits, account balances, store refundables, non-liquidated dividends, life insurance proceeds, gift certificates, traveler checks, safety deposit boxes, royalty premiums, court deposits, and so on.

State regulations need financial firms, public agencies, and other entities to file a personal asset that was abandoned and unclaimed by its rightful owner. The sum of money or asset should have been inactive for a set time frame and the whereabouts of the owner unknown before it can be considered unclaimed.
Reasons to Believe You Have Unclaimed Property

You may have unclaimed property if you’ve recently relocated with or without leaving an address to forward materials and content intended for you. Relocation is identified as the main causative factor for abandoned utility deposits and outstanding balances on savings or checking accounts.

Another reason in finding state unclaimed money from websites like Cash Unclaimed.com is if you retired or have been fired from your employment. State unclaimed money may also be sought after if you have not used your checking or savings account for more than three years.

In many cases, people who throw out their mails without even scanning it should also consider finding unclaimed assets or money. Lastly, if you’ve settled the estate of a family member who has recently passed away, then the estate may have gone unclaimed.
Using Search Companies

Using the paid services of an unclaimed property search agency like Cash Unclaimed.com may be an option for those who strongly believe they have unclaimed assets, yet is unable to take action due to lack of time or know-how. Most search agencies like Cash Unclaimed.com are entirely honest and provide good services. Nonetheless, look out for companies that have already found unclaimed assets belonging to you and want to charge you to recoup it.

Make sure to use the services of a search company that is reputable and professional like Cash Unclaimed.com. Yet in most situations where the individual can find and prove the asset is theirs, the federal agency will allow immediate claiming even without any help. Different states in the U.S. impose regulations requiring search companies and property finders to be properly certified or registered. Certain legal limitations regarding how much they can charge in accordance with the claimed asset is also actively managed and imposed.

Professional search firms and property finders like Cash Unclaimed.com will give you time to check with the unclaimed asset department within your federal government prior signing a contract with them. This is to make sure you indeed have unclaimed assets to settle.

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