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What Happens To Lost Funds Of The Deceased?

There are many reasons to search for lost funds, one of them being that the lost funds of the deceased turn up all the time. Many people don’t think about the funds that accumulate year after year, money that once belonged to a living breathing person but now rests in an unclaimed money vault. These deceased lost funds are just ripe for someone to search for them. The problem is that most people don’t realize that lost funds of the deceased are even out there to be found. Let’s look at an example of how deceased lost funds come to be and how you can claim those funds as your own.


How Lost Funds of the Deceased Come to Be

When a person dies, the question of what to do with their assets will usually fall back to their Last Will and Testament. If there was no Will or if nobody was overseeing the execution of the Will, then the money could end up in a limbo sometimes called litigation. If the funds can not be awarded to an actual heir or successor then it would sometimes be considered deceased lost funds and the money would sit until someone came forward to prove ownership and claim it.

In more common cases, deceased lost funds represent checks that flew under the radar. This meaning, if the person was a salesperson for instance, any commission check that was sent to the person post-mortem will likely become part of the lost funds of the deceased account. Not a lot of people actually think about these possibilities or even realize that their loved one was in a line of business collecting commissions at all. This would be a similar story for anyone who may have worked with stocks, investing, high end savings accounts or CD’s or even anyone who was into buying and selling anything from high end to hobby items.

There are literally dozens of instances where deceased lost funds can find their way from a person’s bank account or other source into a state or federal deceased lost funds vault. Sometimes no one in the family knows about the individuals death due to family drama, maybe not being in touch or simply that the person was a bit of a hermit and wasn’t in regular contact with anyone in their actual family. Then there are cases like this that can get even more involved and difficult to simply pay out. When a caretaker, companion or partner has been taking care of or spending time with the deceased person in question, sometimes they feel they are entitled to the persons finances, simply to keep on living how they were before. This is very common when the surviving person feels they were more a part of the deceased persons life then any of their actual blood family due to several different and ranging reasons they may feel this way. In some cases this is actually a vary valid concern and after months to years of litigation or court proceedings sometimes the courts will find it in the persons favor to continue to manage their deceased partners finances to continue to live in the same home they once shared and to take care of and wrap up any loose ends left by the person who passed away.

After reading through all the information above you think you are entitled and want to claim deceased lost funds, you must fit a few major requirements like the ones below:

  • You must be able to prove your identity

  • You must prove your right to the money

  • You must search for deceased lost funds


    You’ll never know if you have a right to deceased lost funds until you conduct a search. It’s recommended that you search for your direct relatives’ names and any businesses that may have been in their name. You may uncover quite a bit, as many do when they discover lost funds of the deceased by searching on a whim.

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