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Media Relations Frequently Asked Questions

What is unclaimed money?
Money held by a government agency that is unclaimed by its rightful owner after a significant period of time. Various states and government agencies have programs to return these funds to the rightful owners
*Unclaimed Money definition is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal or accounting advice. Please seek the counsel of a professional accountant or attorney for such advice.

What is CashUnclaimed.com?
CashUnclaimed.com is an independent property locator service. Our current database lists millions of dollars in unclaimed money, property, accounts and assets from all 50 states that could belong to you. A person can enter their name and search the database for money or property owed to them.

Who is holding this unclaimed money?
The found money we locate is being held by one or more of many different institutions. Our research has uncovered millions of unclaimed and lost money owed to individuals in:
forgotten savings and checking accounts
uncashed checks
insurance refunds or claims
oil royalties
utility refunds/deposits
bail bonds
child support payments
the list goes on and on…

Also, hundreds of thousands of people are owed money as an heir to an inheritance that they didn’t even know about!

Why is the money “unclaimed”?
For one reason or another the financial institution holding the funds has been unable to locate the rightful owners to return the money. So, literally billions of dollars sit in unclaimed accounts across the nation year after year. This money is lost and never gets found unless the owners of the unclaimed funds use a property locator service like Cash Unclaimed Money Search.
For instance, have you ever:
moved without checking to be sure every company and person you do business with knew your new address?
moved without getting your utility deposit refund back?
opened a savings account as a child or for your own child and then forgot about it?
forgot to cash a health insurance check?
forgot to cash interest or dividend checks on stocks or bonds?
Quit or been fired from a job and never gone back to get your last paycheck?
Didn’t notify companies who owe you money that you have moved?
This list covers only a small fraction of the possible reasons why you may be owed money!

Why is there a membership fee?
Prior to Cash Unclaimed’s database, people would have to research unclaimed money state-by-state. This would include locating & search all 50 states databases and federal databases. The time saved in our efficient database is well worth the cost. The membership fee for cashunclaimed.com is only $12.99. The fee covers unlimited searches. This is a great value and means you can search your family and friends names too! The membership also includes claim instruction and downloadable claim forms as well as bonus free downloadable ebooks, guides and software.

How does the unclaimed money search work?
We have compiled a database of millions of people owed money in all 50 states. If a persons name is in our lost cash database, there is a good chance theyu have lost money owed to them. The only way to be 100% certain whether the found money is theirs is to submit a claim!
The member will receive unlimited instant access to all of the lost cash records in our database for 30 full day(s). The unclaimed money records will include the name, phone number and location of the institution(s) holding the money as well as the instructions they will need to claim the found money!

Cash Unclaimed Money Search charge a very small fee to help cover our expenses. The processing fee is normally $29 for just one name search. However, we have lowered our fee to $12.99 for unlimited searches for 30 full day(s). Depending on how many lost money searches you perform, you could pay just pennies per unclaimed money search.

You can even use your unlimited searches to find money owed to friends, family and co-workers. Once a person signs up, they are free to do anything you wish with the unclaimed money and property records you access.

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When you perform a free trial search on CashUnclaimed.com we display the total dollar amount in unclaimed funds that we show reported by the appropriate government agencies. This does not guarantee that this money is 100% absolutely yours. What it means is that there is that total dollar amount shown by government agencies under your name and common variations of your name at the last time we had the information available to us was reported as unclaimed and is able to have a claim form submitted to be paid that amount. For more information please read our terms of use by clicking the link above.