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Tips For Increasing Your Affiliate Sales

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Affiliate marketing has become an increasingly popular way for companies to increase their Internet advertising by utilizing affiliates. An affiliate is someone who is attached to an organization, and, in this case, helps promote that company for compensation. In turn, this helps many people, or the affiliates, earn extra cash. It’s a win-win situation; the company increases their advertisement and pays a commissions, and many others are awarded extra cash for the sales they generate or leads generated.

Affiliate marketing is becoming an increasingly competitive way of advertising, due to the increased popularity of it. In order to help with affiliate marketing, and increase sales, there are four essential tips to consider when starting an affiliate program.

Florida’s Unclaimed Life Insurance Flourishes Above All States

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Unclaimed life insurance has been increasing unclaimed money funds, especially in states like Florida, who are known for retirement locations. Beyond the belief of a majority of Americans, unclaimed money owing to life insurance is more common than not.

According to verifiable reports, more than twenty percent of life insurance policies become lost life insurance and are turned over to state unclaimed money departments. Most of the original owners of life insurance policies often are ignorant about such a policy or fail to redeem the policy. Insurance companies, NAUPA and state treasuries have agreed that lost or unredeemed life insurance policies are a major source of unclaimed money in the state treasuries.

Wisconsin Has High Hopes for Returning Unclaimed Money

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Wisconsin’s unclaimed money pool is growing by the minute. Wisconsin is facing the problem of unclaimed money and is actively creating awareness campaigns to return unclaimed money to the actual recipients.

According to a recent report, the State Treasury currently holds $300 million dollars in unclaimed money and property belonging to more than one million individuals and businesses . One of the major regions of unclaimed money is Brown County where millions are still being held.

Unclaimed Money Scandal In Houston: Claim it Before Someone Else!

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Houston faces unclaimed money scandal! Like many other major cities in the U.S, the unclaimed money menace has also gripped the city of Houston. The office of the Controller is attempting to return almost $410,000 to the actual owners of these unclaimed funds. This unclaimed money belongs to the residents and business owners of Houston who have failed to make a claim to their unclaimed money.

These unclaimed funds might be attributed to a utility deposit, a payroll check, abandoned bank account or pension fund. More than ten thousand names are on the list. Each individual or company is owed $100 or less. In accordance with State Law, any amount over $100 dollars is sent to the State Comptroller where it is held until claimed.

States Throughout the U.S. Are Resorting to Desperate Measures for Returning Unclaimed Property

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

The urgency to handle the rising unclaimed property amounts is increasing every day. Every state treasury in the country is reeling under the administrative burden of the unclaimed money pile, which is still growing unabated and is not being returned to the public as per the expectations of the state treasuries.

The unclaimed money pile is not only a nightmare for the state and the federal authorities but is also a burden for a lot of public and financial institutions like the banks, insurance companies and the utility companies. The states have been facing increasing problems in returning the unclaimed funds to the rightful owners.

Nevada Uses Unclaimed Money to Provide Business Grants

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Nevada is planning to utilize unclaimed money to provide business grants. Any entity or person in possession of property (subject to NRS Chapter 120A) that belongs to a Nevada resident is considered a holder of unclaimed property and is required to report that property to the state. This includes holders of property in other states in possession of property owed to Nevada residents.

Nevada holders must also report all property where the owners’ names and addresses are unknown. Any entity conducting business within the State of Nevada that has branches, divisions, or other affiliates is responsible for filing on their behalf, for example, financial institutions, utility companies, business associations and legal entities.

Millions in Veteran’s Life Insurance Remains Unclaimed

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Unclaimed life insurance is becoming an increasing issue with the government. Millions of dollars in life insurance for veterans and their families are still unclaimed. In these types of unclaimed life insurance, policyholders are supposed to receive life-insurance process payouts or division checks as well as reward refunds.

If payments couldn’t be delivered, a Department of Veterans Affairs binds an income indefinitely, says Thomas Lastowka, the department’s executive for insurance. To see if we or a family member has any unclaimed money, check upon a Veterans Affairs website (https://insurance.va.gov/liability/ufsearch.htm).

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