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Why New Hampshire Still Has Missing Cash

May 16th, 2014

New Hampshire still has missing cash for the exact same reason all the other states are facing a massive missing money problem – the residents simply don’t have a clue that a New Hampshire missing money problem even exists. With so much money flowing into the state’s Treasury each month, you would think that missing money in New Hampshire would make front-page news. Unfortunately, lost cash must not be that important because most residents are content to go about their day without so much as considering the money that may be owed to them. If you are a resident of the state or you used to be, and you want to change your way of thinking – and you want some of this lost cash for yourself – visit one of the largest databases of its kind in the entire US. This database, aptly named Cash Unclaimed, is just a browser tab away.

Do You Have a Clue How Many Lost Escrow Amounts There Really Are?

May 15th, 2014

Escrow is a handy tool that protects multiple parties from losing their hard earned money during certain transactions. You typically hear of escrow used in real estate sales. A couple looking to buy a home will put their money in escrow, which is kind of like a holding fund, where it will be held until the deal is complete. The fact that the money is in escrow is satisfying to the seller because he or she knows that the couple is good for the cost of the home sale (or at least the down payment). The real estate agent gets the same satisfaction, knowing that his or her commission is intact and ready to be taken out as soon as the home sale goes through; and of course the couple gets satisfaction in knowing that their money is safe and sound until the deal is done. The problem happens when the money is taken out of escrow and not all of it is withdrawn. These extra or lost escrow amounts typically go to the treasury for state keeping, and that is where they have been building up. Now, whether you were a home buyer, seller or real estate agent, you may finally be able to get your hands on any amounts of lost escrow that may be coming to you.

Find Lost Funds in New Mexico

May 9th, 2014

New Mexico is still dealing with a very old problem. For years now the state’s treasurers have been dealing with an influx of New Mexico lost funds. These funds belong to current and former residents of the state, but unless those residents come forward, the money will be considered lost forever. The state’s Treasurers hope that a new database called Cash Unclaimed will help to solve the problem of lost funds in New Mexico forever. The database, considered to be one of the largest in the world, will let anyone know if they are owed lost funds in New Mexico with a simple name and email search. To see if you have money or property coming to you, log into Cash Unclaimed to find lost funds in New Mexico with the simple contact information that you probably use on an everyday basis.

Family Finds $65,000 In Unclaimed Inheritance LIVE On Good Morning America!

May 5th, 2014

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Do Any Deceased Relative Unclaimed Funds Belong to You?

April 25th, 2014

There are all sorts of surprises that await people who search for unclaimed funds. One of those surprises happens to be the unclaimed funds that originate from deceased relatives. It sounds creepy. After all, you’re receiving money that came from someone who has recently passed away. It’s not so creepy if you knew the person well. It’s even less creepy if the unclaimed funds you receive happen to be substantial. Whether the term deceased relative unclaimed funds is creepy to you or not is subjective, but let’s see what happens when you search for unclaimed funds from those you once knew and loved. How you feel may depend on just how much you find waiting for you on the other side.

Why Missing Funds in Delaware Are on the Rise

April 9th, 2014

The state of Delaware is experiencing a assive uprising, but it’s not what you think. It’s not people that are rising up in the first state of the union to ratify the Constitution, but it’s money. It’s Cash. Moola. Smackeroos. It turns out that the Delaware state Treasury is holding onto millions of dollars in missing funds. The state didn’t lose the money. The people did; and that’s where this uprising takes place. If you live in Delaware right now or you used to live in The Diamond State, you might want to do a little searching. You might be one of the hundreds of thousands of lucky Delawarians who are owed missing funds.

What Kind of Properties Can Become Missing?

April 1st, 2014

There are so many easy ways to find missing property and money online or even by mail. You can use the Internet on a site like this one where you can use your computer, lap top, tablet, phone, email or even just a phone call to get the help you need to track down unclaimed or missing property under your name. Not only that but you can get it sent to you by mail and sometimes even a direct deposit unless it is property then you can claim it very quickly and take it from there.

Help Clear North Carolina of Lost Funds

March 28th, 2014

North Carolina is chock-full of lost funds and even South Carolina is envious of how much cash its northern counterpart is keeping on hand. The money comes at just the right time, too, with the state’s residents just now feeling the pinch from the slow economic recovery the country has been experiencing since the last recession. Now, struggling North Carolina residents will finally be able to get their hands on some or all of the loot they once had possession of; but happened to lose somewhere along the way. If you think you might have lost funds in North Carolina coming to you, it’s about time you did something about it. Here is how to find the funds that rightfully belong to you.

Track Down Missing Property in Missouri

March 27th, 2014

The mystery of Missouri missing property is causing quite a stir, alliteration aside. Here is the scoop: For years now Missouri State Treasurers have found themselves on the receiving end of checks, bank accounts, stocks, bonds and personal property that rightfully belong to residents of the state. This hasn’t been a problem up until now. Today, the influx of Missouri missing property can only be described as being out of control. Why is this property going to the treasury instead of the people who actually own it? That’s not the mystery. That part we know. The mystery that is perplexing officials all across the state is better stated in a question: Why aren’t more residents searching for their rightful property? To find the answer to that question, let’s examine why this money goes missing in the first place.

Why Maryland is Still Finding Missing Cash

March 21st, 2014

Maryland officials are still stumbling over checks, bank accounts, stock and bonds at the state treasury office and you may have ownership into what’s being kept and managed. Officials thought they had a good handle on the problem of Maryland missing cash when the treasury office started returning the money to the rightful owners by the hundreds and thousands over the past few years. Now, the problem seems to be growing and soon officials won’t have a handle on it at all. Missing cash in Maryland may grow to out-of-control proportions, unless you step forward and do your best to help. To find out how, simply point your favorite Internet browser to Cash Unclaimed. There you will be asked to enter some vital information. What you enter and what you find may tip the Maryland missing cash scales in your favor.

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