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Unclaimed Property Search Tools

May 25th, 2012

While the world is going deeper into recession, billions worth of unclaimed estate and money remain seemingly abandoned and held unclaimed in banks, government agencies, and federal accounts. Considering the first scenario, it becomes fairly odd as to why the latter situation continues to occur. Be it negligence or forgetfulness, an individual can indeed reclaim their assets. However, it does take a decent grasp of understanding and some search tools in hand to guarantee the process is undertaken efficiently and lucratively.


Fundamentals of Unclaimed Property

Good Day Colorado Shows Unclaimed Property Items

May 24th, 2012

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Our Unclaimed Property Problem Keeps Growing

April 17th, 2012

Many individuals may have unclaimed property and not even know it. Sometimes they have stored items and forgotten them, opened accounts, moved and lost track of the accounts. There are any number of ways property gets lost or otherwise ends up as unclaimed property.

Tips to Search for Unclaimed Property

April 9th, 2012

Unclaimed property is increasing throughout the U.S., and many are unaware of where to find it. In a recent statement from the U.S. Supreme Court (Texas vs. New Jersey, 379 US 674, 1965), the unclaimed property is returned to the state of the property owner’s last known address. If the address cannot be found, then it is returned to the state in which the business holding the funds is incorporated.

It is the responsibility of the unclaimed property office to find the rightful owners, by placing advertisements in newspapers and trying to trace the owners. It has been observed that most states only advertise the new additions in their list. The good part is that there is no time limit on claiming your property.

Have You Ever Wondered How Long States Have to Report Unclaimed Property??

March 19th, 2012

Have you ever wondered how long states can hold on to unclaimed property before it has to be reported?? This may help!

• Most States – 120 days to 60 days before property is reportable
• California – 365 days to 180 days
• Texas–by August 31st
• Iowa –July 1st to end of September
• Hawaii–begin May 1st

To find YOUR unclaimed money, go to CashUnclaimed.com, the largest unclaimed money database, and keep searching! You might find more unclaimed property turn up when the time frame has passed!!

Business Can Also Have Unclaimed Property

March 2nd, 2012

Almost every company has some form of unclaimed property or money. The concept of unclaimed money does not only apply to just individuals; cities, businesses, or other institutions are also capable of having unclaimed money in their name.

The best way to find out if you, or your corporation or institution have unclaimed property is with CashUnclaimed.com. Log on to https://www.cashunclaimed.com today for your free unclaimed money search!

Is Your Unclaimed Property Being Sold on eBay?

February 21st, 2012

Most states are dealing with so much unclaimed property than they have space for. After so many years of this unclaimed property sitting idle, they are turning to eBay to sell the unclaimed property.

Do you have unclaimed property? Find out before its sold on eBay! CashUnclaimed.com is the best website to use when searching for unclaimed property. Log on to CashUnclaimed.com today and search for your unclaimed property for free, before it’s gone!

Unclaimed Money: An Increasing Problem

January 13th, 2012

Unclaimed money has been an issue that has no end in sight. The amounts of unclaimed money keeps piling up and few are coming forward to claim it.

Wouldn’t YOU want FREE money? I know I would. I check CashUnclaimed.com almost DAILY to see if my unclaimed money owed to me has been updated in their database. I have yet to find unclaimed money in my name, due to the fact that I am diligent about updating my addresses with the post office and other authorities; however, I know many people who have been highly successful in finding unclaimed money for themselves.

Do You Know The Best Way To Claim Your Unclaimed Money?

November 30th, 2011

The unclaimed money figure is somewhere in the billions! All the state governments have been creating strong initiatives to spread the word of unclaimed money and urge the public to search for their part of the large unclaimed money pie. People have been seen to be owed anywhere from $50 to $500,000!!

Do you know how much you are owed??

The best way to search is with Cashunclaimed.com. Because of Cashunclaimed.com’s ability to search both state and federal records at once, searching for unclaimed money through Cashunclaimed.com is the best way to find the MOST unclaimed money owed to you!

Quick Ways to Search for Unclaimed Property

September 12th, 2011

The federal agencies who are managing the burden of these unclaimed assets have realized that in order to create a desire in the minds of people, they need to be educated about the importance of unclaimed money. This made the federal agencies join hands with the government in designing different awareness campaigns and programs to educate people about the importance of reclaiming lost property.

The government has developed several tools to assist people in getting necessary information for carrying out the search process. The process of applying for reclaiming the assets was one of the most difficult processes, but now, due to the constant efforts of the authorities reclaiming process is much easier.

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